Pop Tarts: Butt Really, Sienna Miller Is a Beauty

Don’t be fooled by Sienna Miller’s impeccable rear in her “Factory Girl” sex scenes. The young stunner had a little assistance from the makeup department, reports Closer magazine.

"They spray makeup all over your body so you don't see the stretch marks that we girls all have," the 25-year-old star told the mag.

Speak for yourself, Sienna.

Report: Paris Hilton Splits Up Mischa Barton and Cisco Alder

The backlash of parisexposed.com is like a bad smell haunting the Hollywood Hills.

The latest casualty of Hilton’s virtual treasure and trash is the relationship between Mischa Barton and “Whitestar” frontman Cisco Alder, US Weekly reports.

According to the magazine, our girl from "The O.C." was shocked and infuriated when naked photos of her rocker boy turned up on the tell-all Web site.

“They had a massive blow-up,” revealed a source close to the couple.

"Mischa and Cisco have decided to part ways,” confirmed the actress' rep. “Mischa is moving East soon and they both have very demanding schedules."

But Adler's rep insists they're still together, saying: "They are fine — very happy together," according to thesuperficial.com.

Regarding the picture, Cisco adds:

"Mischa wasn't too excited, to say the least," Adler tells the New York Observer in Wednesday's issue. "I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I'm gonna try to keep my pants on from now on."

Could this incident once and for all black book Hilton’s name from the VIP list?

If that’s the case, the National Boycott of Paris Hilton Movement can just sit back and relax.

Page Six reports that the group has written to sports company FILA demanding they sever ties with the blonde, after a video “exposed” her using “very horrendous and hurtful” racial and homophobic slurs.

"Paris Hilton is not the 'face' you or any Fortune 500 company desires," group spokeswoman Linda Taylor told FILA.

Sugar Daddy? Ryan Phillippe Hangs Out With Teen Star

Ryan Phillippe, 32, has been busted about the town with "Thirteen" actress, 18-year-old Nikki Reed.

The "Crash" star and ex-hubby of Reese Witherspoon was snapped with the young starlet in Beverly Hills on Monday. Ryan took Reed to hotspot Winston’s, and the two were later seen speeding off in a car.

According to the X-17 photo agency, which caught the couple on camera, when the photographers started snapping shots, actor Channing Tatum (a friend of Ryan's) became angry and aggressive with them.

Calls to Phillippe’s publicist regarding the matter were not returned.

Britney Single Again

Britney Spears and model/actor Isaac Cohen are not together anymore, OK! magazine reports.

“They are no longer an item,” Brandi Lord, Cohen's agent at L.A. Models, confirmed to OK! magazine.

A source close to Cohen told the mag that the 25-year-old has been looking to escape from the relationship for a while, as there "was too much drama."

The departure was apparently on good terms, with Cohen confessing that he really does like Spears and that he tried to help her as much as he could.

But now that he's an "It"’ man, Isaac is set to follow in K-Fed’s footsteps and cash in on the pop princess’s profile.

“He’s focusing on his career — working and going out on castings,” added the source.

Tara Reid Trips Out

Tara Reid’s hopes of becoming a dignified, respectable actress rather than a wild party girl literally came crashing down at the Ocean Drive/Market America Super Bowl bash on Saturday.

The “American Pie” star missed a step at the end of the red carpet and took an embarrassing trip into the sand.

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But of course it wasn’t Reid’s fault — her friends deliberately did this to her. Right.

"They were at least 5 feet away from her but she yelled 'You guys f——— tripped me,' a source told New York Daily News. “Everyone was speechless."

The perennial partygoer was in for an overdose of humiliation that night, as later she was point-blank refused entry into the VIP section where the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were chilling out. Ouch.

Speaking of celebrity entertainment at the party, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were dancing together pretty awkwardly, according to TMZ.com spies.

Tara Conner and Katie Blair Hook Up ... Again

No, it's not what you're thinking.

Rather than making out in public, Miss USA Tara Conner and her sash-sibling Miss Teen USA Katie Blair took to the Tadashi catwalk for New York Fashion Week.

Tara hammed it up in a saucy black number while Katie trotted out in a gold mini.

But while she's not looking for love with Katie, she is looking for a dinner date.

“I haven’t been on a date in so long … I don’t plan on having a relationship for a year, but I’ll go on a date. Who doesn’t want to go on a date!” she admitted to Extra.

Mischa Barton Butts Out

The latest culprit to be snapped "pulling a Britney" is 21-year-old starlet Mischa Barton.

The former resident of "The O.C." was spotted recently in a super short mini-dress, see-through leggings and … you got it, no panties.

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Let’s just hope Mischa can reclaim her squeaky clean image, as the actress has just been signed on to star in a remake of the Lewis Carroll classic “Alice in Wonderland."

Pop sensation Fergie is yet another star who thinks she’s “Fergilicious” enough to make her privates public, but at least she sports some cotton covering.

During her performance at a Super Bowl concert on Saturday night, her black-eyed-pea-sized mini-dress crept up just a little too high … oops!

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Britney's Latest Fashion Statement: Leave the Tags On

Britney Spears' taste is getting more "Toxic" with every passing day.

While the pop princess looked fabulous in a little black dress she bought especially for the star-studded New York Fashion Week shows, it would have been a little more flattering had she remembered to take off the tags.

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Katie Holmes Wears Granny Panties

Being Mrs. Cruise must be aging Katie Holmes.

The actress clung to her hubby at Jennifer Lopez's and Marc Anthony’s Miami Super Bowl bash this weekend. She was also by his side at South Beach's hip lounge Mokai.

“Everybody was photographing them,” an onlooker told FOXNews.com. “They were so close and affectionate. They looked like an old couple all lovey-dovey on the dance floor.”

But young Holmes is also looking like an old married lady beneath her clothes.

When stepping out of her limo to attend Giorgio Armani’s Paris show last month, Katie flashed a pair of unsexy control-top stockings.

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But hopefully Tom isn't too turned off by the bloomer-style hose, as Katie is definitely keen to have more baby Cruises.

The real-life “Stepford Wife” has told Harper's Bazaar that it was love at first handshake when she met Cruise, and that she loves calling him “husband."