Pop Tarts: Brooke Hogan 'The Victim' in Hulk’s Alleged Adultery With Her Best Friend?

When your best friend and your father allegedly have an affair, isn’t it normal to feel, well, a little upset?

Reality TV starlet Brooke Hogan is suffering amid recent allegations that her famous father, Hulk Hogan, had an affair with her best friend, 33-year-old Christiane Plante, triggering the breakdown of his 24-year marriage to his wife, Linda.

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Plante told The National Enquirer last week that she "grew close" to the world-champion wrestler and their romantic relationship started at a time when he and his ex-wife "privately knew their marriage was ending"; however, 19-year-old Brooke has publicly lashed out at her former best friend, via MySpace (the post has since been taken down).

"I think she shoulda thought about what kinda press she was gonna get when she slept with her best friend's famous father ... I think we're all seeing just exactly how karma works Christiane. Nothing you say will ever put my family back together," Brooke wrote on her blog.

According to Patrick Wanis , the celebrity life coach and human behavior expert who coached the family on their show, "Hogan Knows Best," Brooke is the unfortunate victim who has to deal with losing the faith she once had in her father and best friend.

"Brooke is a sweet, sensitive and vulnerable girl. Loyalty to her is paramount. She isn’t the sort of girl who opens up or trusts easily, but once she does she usually creates a lifelong bond with friends," Wanis said. "For Brooke to be betrayed by someone [Christiane] with whom she worked and considered a friend — maybe best friend — is truly devastating."

So why is Brooke lashing out at the woman rather than at her father?

"Brooke is someone who looks up to her father, and based on my experience with other clients, she will most likely subconsciously feel that dad has let her down," Wanis said. "But she may not want to admit to herself because it would crush her image of dad and, thus, she may choose to shift or project the anger toward the mistress."

Another inside source, however, has told Tarts that Brooke is "coming to terms" with the alleged affair.

"Naturally, Brooke was very upset and she used her blog to express that," the pal said. "But she realizes now that this is a personal issue and probably needs to be dealt with in a more personal way. She’s a strong girl; she is coming to terms with it all and coping with this as best she can."

A rep for Hulk Hogan had "no comment."

A $40,000 Date With Scarlett

Less then two weeks ago, Pop Tarts gave you the opportunity to bid on a night out with steamy screen siren Scarlett Johansson. Well, after 170 bids on the Oxfam America auction on eBay, one fortunate Brit has a bank balance that is almost $40,000 less after taking out the competition.

Not only will the lucky winner attend the premiere of “He’s Just Not that Into You,” which also stars Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, they will also be picked up by a private car and be primped and pampered by professionals.

Gisele Bundchen: Eating Issue?

Would somebody pleasssse lay some lard on this gal’s gut?

Gisele Bundchen undoubtedly has been blessed with beauty and the body of a goddess, but the affectionately nicknamed "Boobs from Brazil" apparently has an eating issue, but one that you don’t normally associate with super-slim supermodels.

According to a fashion insider who has worked closely with Bundchen on a number of shoots, the leggy lingerie lass was an "avid junk food addict" who constantly was downing chocolate and sweets.

"Gisele always told us that she would get really sick if she didn’t eat all the time," said our source. "It was insane; she would constantly be downing chocolate bars and junk food and encouraging everybody on the set to try some as well."

But Bundchen’s obvious love for the sweeter side of life seems to have had a sour affect on others in her industry.

"Gisele will often turn up to shoots and shows with all her treats, which upsets a lot of the girls," a high-profile model told Tarts. "Some models actually refuse to be around her when she has that stuff."

Lohan (Finally) Sets a Positive Example

Lindsay Lohan has come under quite a bit of scrutiny of late due to her romping in rehab and posing naked as Marilyn Monroe — in front of her 14-year-old sister, Ali.

It seems, however, as though big sister Lohan finally is setting a positive example for little sister Lohan.

Pop Tarts has been told that following her hosting obligations at the Photographer Exhibit to benefit The American Red Cross in NYC earlier this week, the 21-year-old took her sis and four other friends for a low-key night at the Kobe Club.

"Lindsay sipped water all evening while Ali had Sprite, and the two very adoring sisters shared a beef sampler," our spy said. "They sat in the restaurant just noshing and talking for over three hours."

Ali even wore a cropped leather jacket just like her big sis, but we are pleased to announce that (unlike her idol Li-Lo) she wasn’t carrying around a packet of anti-smoking gum.

Patridge to Follow Paris’ 'Pussycat' Footsteps

The mercury in the Hollywood "Hills" may be rising come next Saturday when Audrina Patridge spends some time in Sin City.

Pop Tarts has been told that the reality TV starlet will purr and prance as a guest Pussycat Doll in their Las Vegas lounge in a super-steamy get-up on March 28.

Audrina, however, does have some very big shoes to fill (size 11, in fact) as Paris Hilton recently "purrformed" with the Dolls to celebrate her 27th birthday, wowing the packed party house in her black leather hot pants with fishnets and her sparkling white bra-set.

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