We’re starting to think that perhaps Brooke Hogan should steer clear of expressing her political opinions.

The 20-year-old recently caused a media stir when she wrote on her MySpace blog that she thought it was "crazy" for Hillary Clinton to run for president as women "deal a lot with emotions and menopause and PMS."

In a posting this week, Brooke wrote that most people only vote because "it’s cool" and (like herself) have no real idea what’s going on in and around the White House.

And John McCain wasn’t the only one to take a dig at Paris Hilton; Hogan shared her thoughts on the party princess’s attempts to encourage voters.

"Only 54 percent of eligible american voters cast their ballots!!!!!! Half of them are only voting cause its 'cool' to vote for so and so...they aren't even up to date on information," Brooke wrote. "I'M personally not up to date on the facts, so I don't wanna make a stupid choice for our country. I WANT to vote but only when I know exactly whats going on. More ppl should think like that. Paris Hilton said 'yaaaay go vote cause its cool and hott!!!!' ...SHE WASN'T EVEN REGISTERED."

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In 2004, Paris was the spokeswoman for "Rock the Vote," but at the time she reportedly wasn't even registered (we checked again on Wednesday night and her registration date wasn't listed, but apparently she's now registered).

A press day for the "Hottie & the Nottie" was held the day before the California primaries earlier this year, but we overheard her co-star Christine Lakin explaining what the primaries actually were and why they were happening, because Paris apparently had no idea.

Perhaps the heiress's uncertified appearance in McCain’s campaign has forced her to build a better knowledge base.

Hilton’s management did not respond for comment.

But back to the Hogans: We’re told things are getting messier by the minute. As reported by TMZ on Wednesday, Linda’s attorney accused her ex-husband Hulk Hogan of putting a lot of assets into a limited liability corporation to protect himself from being sued by the Graziano family.

John Graziano was the passenger in Nick Hogan’s car accident and the severe injuries he sustained are expected to keep him in a nursing home for the rest of his life.

"Brooke is basically only turning to her friends for support," said our inside source, adding that she’s now pushing out her whole family to cope with their chaotic situation.

Carmen Electra and Ashlee Simpson Get Camera-Shy

Ashlee Simpson stepped out in Malibu on Saturday to support her DJ hubby Pete Wentz, who was spinning at the Boost Mobile BBQ at the Project Beach House, but she refused to pose for any pics at all and even hid in a cabana and had her huge bodyguard shade her from the photogs and party peeps.

And although she too is normally quite the party personality, Carmen Electra seemed out of character as she hosted the Sunday soiree at the same house. The former "Baywatch" babe appeared to be having the blues big time, and when politely asked if she could change into clothes from the party’s big-spending sponsor "Young, Fabulous & Broke," she snapped back.

Electra hung out in the corner smoking with her private posse and when approached by a couple of media outlets, she had to have her future hubby, Rob Patterson, by her side to answer questions.

We’re told that the 36-year-old got increasingly irritated and after just a few minutes she "needed a break" and retreated inside with Patterson to sort herself out.

After several outfit changes and a walk on the beach with her rocker fiancé, Electra eventually relaxed and actually smiled. Gosh, it’s hard work hosting a party!

Matthew Perry was also spotted, accompanied by his personal trainer Adam Ernster. Perhaps Perry regretted bringing his exercise instructor, because he didn’t look too pleased when Ernster took away his plate of pasta and had the chef especially make him a protein-packed dish of chicken and steamed veggies.

Lucas Opts Out of Adrian's Entourage

Reports are running rampant that Adrian Grenier broke up with Isabel Lucas after it emerged that she was Shia LaBeouf’s car crash companion, but according to our very close inside sources, the circumstances were quite different.

Weeks before the accident, Lucas kicked Grenier to the curb as she was unhappy about the attention he was devoting to other female friends, and the devastated "Entourage" star spent the proceeding weeks begging Izzy to take him back — but no dice. Apparently, Adrian was so set on winning her back that he didn’t tell anyone about the split, not even his reps and close pals.

But hey, the best way to move on is to have a fling with someone else, right? That’s certainly what Grenier was doing in Malibu on Tuesday afternoon as he canoodled with a stunning brunette in the surf.

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John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston Over Already?

On the heels of reports that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston had split, a close Mayer insider told Pop Tarts that "things were cooling down."

The insider couldn't confirm whether or not the pair had officially parted ways, but Jen and John went from being joined at the hip since their relationship started (Jen even flew to London to see Mayer on tour) to not being spotted together since July 28 in Beverly Hills.

Aniston turned up dateless to Molly Sims' El Faro event last Thursday and Mayer spent the weekend with his bandmates in Cabo, Mexico.

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