Brooke Hogan always seems to have a guy lurking around, but it turns out that Hulk Hogan 's daughter isn't getting a whole lot of action.

The "Brooke Knows Best" babe was overheard complaining about her love life — or lack thereof — last Monday night when she hosted an anniversary celebration at Bowlmor Lanes' southern outpost, STRIKE Miami.

"What love life? I'm not gay but I might as well be," she said, according to our source. "I'm the [woman] of the group," she said, referring to her reality TV roommates. "We live a gay lifestyle."

But while Hogan has been very open about the fact that she isn’t particularly interested in politics or current events, we were still a little surprised that the 20-year-old has absolutely no desire to keep up with news of any kind.

“I never read tabloids, I never buy books or go on Perez Hilton and I never ever watch the news,” Brooke recently told Pop Tarts. “All news is bad. You never hear them say, 'This dog gave birth to six puppies today.' It’s always negative, like, 'All these people got killed.' I stay totally away from it.”

Good news for the reality television family is that Brooke's brother, 18-year-old Nick Hogan (who was sent to jail earlier this year following a car accident that left his friend in a vegetative state) will get out of jail three months early and be a free man on Oct. 21.

Longoria-Parker Looks a Little More Than Just Fat ...

Eva Longoria-Parker has been busy fighting off pregnancy rumors in recent weeks with claims that "she's just fat," but it looked as though there was a little bump on the normally svelte starlet on Friday night.

At the launch of EA Sports' NBA Live 09 held at Longoria-Parker's Hollywood restaurant, Beso, the "Desperate Housewives" hottie spent the night serving signature drinks to all her friends, but she stuck to water and avoided her usual cigarette breaks.

The actress also donned jeans with an oversized, flowing top and when she went to sit down, Pop Tarts couldn't help but notice a little bump.

Longoria-Parker's husband Tony Parker hosted the event.

Lindsay Lohan to File Restraining Order Against Daddy?

Last week, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan sent an e-mail to Pop Tarts describing his daughter’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson as a “dark, disgusting representation of humanity” and discussed his belief that the celebrity DJ was a bad influence on LiLo.

But according to the New York Post's Page Six gossip column, Linds is so fed up and terrified of her father’s “out-of-control comments” that she’s getting lawyers involved.

Apparently, the 22-year-old feels that her father needs to be on medication and is planning to file a restraining order against him, which mom Dina and sister Ali reportedly already have done.

This news, however, isn’t stopping Michael Lohan from lashing out — but this time it’s at Lindsay's publicist.

"Being that this statement was most likely made by Lindsay's publicist, Leslie Sloane, I, as should everyone, take it with a grain of salt and realize that what Leslie says is laced with lies,” he fumed to Tarts in an e-mail.

“So tell me, who is out of control? Who is on and needs medication? And who needs retraining orders from whom? If anyone, Lindsay needs restraining orders from Samantha, the people enabling her and leading her down this dark path who are destroying her life, her career and causing her harm.

"The comments made by Lindsay's advisers are ridiculous. But mark my words: things will NOT get better for Lindsay until she rids herself of the people around her who have come back in her life since her release from Cirque Lodge. People need to stop sucking up to her to stay on her good side, and do what's right for her well-being, NOT their own. Until then, I am going to sit back and let GOD do his work."

Paris' New BFF: Ellen DeGeneres?

Just days before the season premiere of her new MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," Hilton was snapped lunching with a new female companion — Ellen DeGeneres.

The talk-show host and the party princess noshed away on Friday at West Hollywood's Apple restaurant, with an onlooker telling Tarts that they "laughed and hugged" like long-lost pals.

Later that night, the hotel heiress partied with her beau Benji Madden for an advanced screening of her upcoming horror film "Repo! The Genetic Opera." However, Paris chose to premiere the flick at popular gay bar The Abbey (which was also playing host to Lance Bass's birthday party) where apparently the "scary" scenes were met with laughter.

"BFF," the show in which 20 hopefuls compete to be Hilton's best pal, kicks off on Tuesday.

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