Pop Tarts: Britney Spears Wants Your Help

You can help depressed diva Britney Spears get back “In The Zone” of success.

On her official Web site, britneyspears.com, the songstress has posted a plea for “thoughts and inspiration” to be sent via e-mail.

But be warned, site moderators will only publish positive letters.

Meanwhile, joining the herd of Hollywood addicts, Spears is reportedly suffering from Coca-Cola abuse.

According to Star magazine, the former face of Pepsi apparently keeps abuzz by downing 24 cans daily.

Perhaps all the sugar and caffeine has turned Brit into a baby with bad attitude at “Promises."

“She's been very demanding -- acts like a 12-year-old and throws temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants,” a source told the magazine.

“She refuses to pick up after herself and even asked if she could hire a maid! She's asking for this and that, special food, special everything ... and she's not that nice to anyone."

Pills + No Food = Skinny

Forget hardcore heroin, pill popping seems to have become the style for Hollywood Boulevard beauties.

According to In Touch Weekly, reformed heroin addict Nicole Richie has devoted her “Simple Life” to prescription painkillers.

Insiders say that the skinny starlet has been using Adderall, a powerful appetite suppressant used to treat people with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Reps for Richie denied such claims, but a close gal pal says she’s upped her dosage.

"She loves Adderall because she stays awake, and it makes her not want to eat," the insider told the mag. "And she takes it even more when she's filming."

But rocker Richie isn’t alone as a reported devotee to drugs. It seems as though half of Hollywood is 'fessing up to their own weedy and wild ways.

US Weekly reminds us that Lindsay Lohan admitted to drug use in Vanity Fair, while Fergie (the hip-hop artist) is open about her former crystal meth habit.

Justin Timberlake admitted to being a stoned singer when recording the album “Justified," George Clooney apparently “loved acid” at college and John Mayer reportedly even gave a Rolling Stone interview while puffing on a cannabis vaporizer.

Malibu, Calif. may only be 27 miles long, but it’s no wonder it houses 25 rehab residences.

Jessica Simpson 'Takes Her Breath Away' Yelling at Paparazzi

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have returned from their rendezvous in Rome, but Jess was far from pleased about her paparazzi popularity.

After leaving West Hollywood’s Hahm Rejuvenation Center, the buxom brunette was greeted by a sea of snappers. Only this time, it was Simpson who snapped back.

"You guys, please, please back off! It's really not cool. I'm trying to respect you guys, but this is very rude,” she yapped before escaping into a waiting Mercedes Convertible.

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Poor Jessica. The perils having your life made into “A Public Affair" ...

Mary-Kate Olsen to Be Face of Cookie

Despite probably never touching one herself, teeny-weeny Mary-Kate Olsen will have her bony face baked into a cookie.

Los Angeles animation student Michael Mouris likes to add some celebrity spice to his food, and has used the faces of icons such as Anna-Nicole Smith, Tyra Banks, Paula Abdul and now Mary-Kate to create cookies.

But these star-studded sweets aren’t for eating; Mouris hopes to exhibit them later this year. Perhaps he can even inspire Mary-Kate to munch on her own face…

Britney Spears Finds Love in Rehab

Sad starlet Britney Spears may have something sunny to sing about after all.

Brit has reportedly found love while in the Promises rehab center, falling for the 33-year-old lead guitarist of the rock band Riva.

Brit met the troubled rocker, Jason Filyaw, through AA meetings.

"Britney adores Jason. He's been a tower of strength for her at the lowest point in her life,” a source told the National Enquirer. “She's convinced Jason can help her through rehab because, as an alcoholic, he's been through the same thing."

The couple is already said to be playing cute, with Jason calling Britney "Sugar," "Kitten" and "My Lady" while Spears tags her new man as "Secret Underground Guy" and "J-Sun."

The single mom apparently e-mails and calls her rocker lover constantly, as the rumor mill churns that she plans to move in with Filyaw when she graduates from rehab.

Brit’s boy has spoken out about his Spears soft spot, telling TMZ, “I love her, I support her 100 percent and we are close."

He also revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually "deep" part of her recovery.

However, other reports indicate that Britney might not see the full program through as “Promised."

Britain’s The Sun says Spears may check out two days early, just in time to party at K-Fed’s 29th birthday bash at L.A.’s Club Eleven.

“Bosses would have liked her to stay longer,” a source from Promises told the paper.

Sibling Rivalry?

Famous little sister Ashlee Simpson has reportedly confessed that she used to feel like an "ugly ducking" next to her senior sibling, Jessica.

Britain’s Bliss magazine says Ashlee had her nose straightened so she could be as attractive as Jess.

However, with Ash’s star status soaring, sisterly squabbles are in season.

"Sadly, the two sisters have had some disagreements and it's all to do with Ashlee's success,” an insider revealed to the mag.

“Being on stage in 'Chicago' in London was a huge move for Ashlee and Jessica was very jealous — she even confided to friends that she thought Ashlee’s new look was trampy."

K-Fed Getting Out the Britney Shears?

Depressed diva Britney Spears' soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Federline, reportedly wants a few Brit look-alikes at his 29th birthday bash.

Federline is encouraging his partying pals to go for a Britney “buzz cut" and will even have a crew from L.A.’s Rudy's Barber Shop on standby at the celebration to do the deed, E! Online reports.

Fed-Ex himself has even “done a Britney” and lost his locks in support of the pop princess.

Meanwhile, a friend of Federline told the U.K.’s The Sun that he is still very much in love with Spears and that Brit, too, has realized that the spark is still there.

But other reports say Federline loves Spears but isn't "in love" with her, and that Spears herself never loved Federline.

Brangelina's Baby Joins Hollywood Brat Pack

It seems as though the silver screen is recruiting them younger and younger, with 10-month-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt making her first cinematic cameo.

The beautiful bambina plays Cate Blanchett as a baby in the forthcoming film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

However, she wasn’t originally cast in the role. The twin sisters initially hired were “acting up," so Brad stepped in to save the day by bringing out Shiloh from the on-set day care center.

"She's a natural. Shiloh did her scenes perfectly and was giggling and happy throughout her big day," a source told the National Enquirer.

Jennifer Hudson Makes Her Diva Debut

Fame and fortune appear to be floating to this Dreamgirl’s head, as Jennifer Hudson tried to get out of an appearance at the Soul Train Awards in L.A.

According to the New York Post's Page Six gossip column, the Oscar-winning “Idol” called the day before and claimed she couldn’t make it.

Well, that was until music mogul Clive Davis called her up and obviously told her something to the effect of “And I’m Telling You, You Are Going,” because Jen showed up.

To join the Oscar and the Golden Globe on the Hudson honor roll is a prize of a different kind: an all-you-can-eat supply of Burger King.

Jennifer worked in Chicago at the fast-food chain as a teen, singing while she flipped the fries but was so bad at her job she ended up quitting.

To add insult to “Idol” injury, Hudson has compared working at the burger joint to her experience on the reality TV contest. When asked why she didn’t thank the Simon Cowell clan in her Academy Awards speech, Jen snapped:

“If I'd been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens, I wouldn't be here either, so should I thank them, too?"

By the sound of things, the diva should have no problem playing Aretha Franklin on the big screen. Franklin confirmed to Access Hollywood that Hudson was suggested for the part if the story of the soul singer is made into a movie.

Britney Spears' Bare Bottom Reportedly Caught on Tape

Once again, Britney Spears has flashed a little too much flesh.

So while friends and family are rooting for a recovery for the rehab resident, celeb snipers are at war bidding for pics of Brit’s rear in the raw.

With a minimum price tag of $150,000, the photos of the pre-rehab pop princess were taken on Feb. 12 at a New York nightclub, where Spears stripped down with two of the club’s dancers.

But what may prove to be even more “Toxic” in her custody battle for sons Sean Preston and Jayden James is video footage that may follow.

According to the New York Daily News, Brit’s dancing duo was fired from the club when management discovered a security video of them partying hard with the pop star.

"The manager said there was a tape of them," said a Daily News spy. "Both the girls cried about it when they got fired, but they didn't deny it." The spy also insists that the culprit camera is in an adjacent office and can capture the entire room.

However, a spokesperson for the club has denied allegations that the dancers were fired and that there were hidden cameras behind the coat check where Spears and her partying posse went to change into fishnets and bikinis.

There is also buzz about Britney suffering from bulimia.

A source told Star magazine that Britney has been binging and purging since the age of 16 and it's affecting her rehab recovery.

"She'd pig out on junk food — chips, candy, cola and ice cream — and then she'd feel so guilty she'd go make herself throw up," the source told Star. "The only thing that made her stop was when she got pregnant."

While Spears is said to be making progress in rehab, her reported condition has made things difficult, according to the source, who said she has been diagnosed as bipolar.

"She is on medication for bipolar disorder, but the pills are not staying in her system because she is bulimic and is throwing them up before they can help her!" the source said.

Perhaps Brit isn’t a bad actress, as her most recent flame Isaac Cohen was shocked that she resorted to rehab.

"I was definitely surprised that she went into rehab," Cohen told People magazine. "I didn't feel it had to come to that, but you know, if that's what it takes and if that's what she needs."

Lohan and Law in Loverville?

Fresh-out-of-rehab Lindsay Lohan spent last Friday night livin’ it up at New York hotspot Stereo and the new lounge The Box.

But she wasn’t just hitting up clubs. According to PerezHilton.com spies, she was also hitting on Jude Law.

"The two of them spent a good solid two hours together," a friend of Lohan's told the Web site. "Lindsay is obsessed with Jude!"

The paparazzi-popular pair reportedly partied until 5.30 a.m., along with their clubbing clan, which included none another than Lohan’s mother, Dina.

Mandy Moore Has Scratched and Spun DJ AM

Sources close to actress Mandy Moore and celebrity DJ AM have confirmed their split.

While Mandy was the one who decided “I Don’t Wanna Be With You," TMZ sources suggest Moore and AM split amicably earlier in the month but “remain good friends.”

On the flip side, spies for the New York Post's Page Six gossip column have noted that Moore “kicked” her now former flame “to the curb."

Mandy has also booted her teenybop persona, vowing that’s she only making music that pleases her, and that means “no more crappy pop,” according to Contact Music.

“So I have to do the music my way. It means too much to me," she said. "I can’t just go into the studio and make a crappy pop record to please somebody else. Why bother?”

Christina Aguilera Plays 'Dirrty' Doctor

Want to spice up your sex life?

Pop princess Christina Aguilera has a medically proven solution, and that is to stage steamy hospital scenes behind closed doors.

“I like to play doctor. I got Jordan [her husband] a doctor’s outfit with a doctor’s bag full of sex toys,” the buxom blonde told Maxim magazine. “I wore the naughty nurse’s costume, of course.”

But Aguilera, who recently topped In Touch Weekly’s list of Hollywood's hottest blondes, isn’t turned on by her own tunes.

"I'd be too busy analyzing my voice," she confessed to the mag. "I get very nitpicky."

Instead, Christina believes there “Ain’t No Other Man” to get her in the mood more than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

And rumor has it that on her new tour, the former Mousekeeter does a pole dance while straddling a carousel horse and tortures a male member of the audience during “Nasty Naughty Boy."

This Time It's Spears Who's 'Stripped'

Britney Spears reportedly caused quite a sensation at a local bebe clothing store in Miami just prior to her first rehab rendezvous.

Brit handed over her two kids to the store salespeople and proceeded to scour through the racks, a source told TMZ.

And while most depressed divas would demand a dressing room, Spears didn't feel a need for privacy.

Instead, she changed in front of customers and staff, even busting a few dance moves for her alarmed audience.

But Madonna is the latest star to pull a Spears-related scandal. The 48-year-old was caught taking off in her SUV without buckling up her 17-month-old son, David.

"There was no car seat," a source told Us Weekly. "She sat in the middle row, and they left with David on her lap."

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Reps for the “Material Girl” insisted to the mag that “proper security measures are always taken for Madonna's children."