Following reports that high-end boutiques have pulled Victoria Beckham's denim line DVB Style, the British beauty and her fashion publicist made an emergency appearance at Kitson boutique in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the former Spice Girl left notably shaken and teary after being told off by Kitson owner Fraser Ross.

"First of all, she came half an hour late, no call or anything. I'm a busy person — don't know who she thinks she is," Ross told Tarts. "I told her that she needed to grow up and realize that you can't just have a line and not support it. Other celebrities do trunk shows and meet customers — she and her fashion publicist Jason needed to be told why her line isn't selling."

Ross (who claims to have spent $100,000 investing in Posh's collection) said this was the first time in nine months she had "bothered" to meet with him and that numerous stockists in Europe also had dumped DVB.

"She (Beckham) told me that designing is what she still wants to be doing in 25 years, but unless she lifts her game, her time in this city will be short-lived," Ross added. "She lives 10 minutes from the store yet is happy to go off shopping at Barneys and all these other places but seems to think she's too good to support the people who support her."

Ouch. But this certainly isn't the first design dilemma in which the pop princess has been embroiled. Becks designed a line for jeans giants Rock and Republic, but after a reportedly bitter battle with the company in 2006 she left to launch her own rival line.

"Her reputation was damaged after all of that, and I was the one who helped her and found her the manufacturer," Ross claimed.

But even though Vic apparently was "very receptive to making changes" after the scolding, she still wouldn't totally succumb.

Apparently, Ross asked her to "show her support" by strutting out with a Kitson bag — but that didn't go down well with our Posh.

Messages with Beckham's reps were not returned.

Hilton Bashes Kardashian's 'Disgusting' Butt, Then Says Sorry

Paris Hilton recently called Vegas' KLUC-FM, hosted by Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo show and, er, opened up about her feelings for former best pal Kim Kardashian.

The hotel heiress called Kimmy "disgusting" and described her bountiful behind as "cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag."

Video: Paris Hilton Describes Kim Kardashian's Butt

Ouch. A word of warning to all the hopefuls wanting to be Paris' BFF in her upcoming MTV reality show — she may seem sweet, but our girl can sting.

Hilton, however, apparently was "horrified" when word got out about the nasty remarks and since has apologized.

But it seems the hotel hottie isn't the only pal Kardashian has lost recently. An inside source told Tarts that fellow reality star and socialite Brittny Gastineau and Kimmy K used to be "super close" but "no longer talk."

"Brittny doesn't like a lot of her habits and attitude," our source said. "She's had enough of Kim and doesn't want to be around her."

Kristin CavallAAri?

Kristin Cavallari certainly is shaping up to be the next Paris Hilton, given her high price to party as one of the most in-demand hosts in Hollywood; however, it appears the former "Laguna Beach" star is a little too wild in her ways.

As far as our sightings go, Cavallari (with or without a drink) has always proven to be a bubbly and warm personality. But she reportedly had too many sips of something sinister at the Stone Rose Bar in West Hollywood last Wednesday when she suddenly decided it was time to find new friends.

Pop Tarts has been told that the "totally wasted" star randomly plopped herself down in the middle of a group of corporate peeps having a laid-back night.

"She told us that she just wanted to sit with us because we were cool," the source said. "We all just looked at her as she rambled and her friend looked embarrassed and came and dragged her away."

But this certainly isn't her first public showdown of naughtiness. Pop Tarts has been present at some and told about Cav's other "big nights" (remember the one where she reportedly tried to "make out" with a female friend during Super Bowl weekend and was so famished she "started eating toothpaste"?)

Kristin also spent this past weekend partying hard at Aura nightclub in the Bahamas as the host of its first birthday. The reality star hit up the hotspot on Friday and Saturday nights, reportedly boozin' and boogying into the wee hours.

She was joined on Saturday by Hilary Duff, and we're told the two enjoyed the supply of cocktails, with Cavallari taking "full advantage" of the freebies.

The itty bitty babe's boozy behavior, however, reportedly is becoming a cause for concern.

"She likes to have a good time, but we're all getting worried she's taking it all too far," a pal close to the Cavallari camp told Tarts. "She doesn't know when to stop sometimes and doesn't listen when she's had enough. It’s embarrassing."

Sam Lutfi Is Scared; Britney Gets in Shape

The temporary restraining order Britney Spears' parents took out against her former "manager" Sam Lutfi was extended on Wednesday afternoon; however, Lutfi refused to turn up at the Los Angeles Superior Court for the hearing.

According to a court spokesman, Lutfi refused to have the case heard by a commissioner and instead insisted that a judge preside over the situation. In other words, Sam (who has no lawyer and was not represented in court) utilized a loophole in the legal system to stall the final ruling.

"Sam is afraid that the restraining order against him might be made permanent and he'll never be able to go near Britney again," an insider told Tarts. "So he's doing everything he can to ensure the case continues and is left open until he can come up with a better game plan."

Lawyers for Britney's father, Jamie Spears, and a court-appointed lawyer for the pop princess eventually had their request for the restraining order to be extended until 1:30 p.m. PT on July 31 approved by Supervising Judge Aviva Bobb.

So with Lutfi out of the picture for at least a little longer, it seems Spears is sweating to get her career back on track. Literally.

Brit has been busy at Bally Total Fitness this week, hitting up the treadmill as well as enduring a private training session.

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TMZ reported that Spears is in negotiations with Bally Total Fitness to be a spokeswoman for the company. But John Wildman, a spokesman for the gym, told CelebTV.com that they have not yet sealed a deal with Spears.

“We don’t have a spokesperson relationship with Britney,” says Wildman. “She is a member and has been working out with our top two trainers who are in charge of our 5,000 trainers. They are exclusively working with her. The person who has designed our nutrition program has taken over her nutrition program for about three weeks.

"We are not in negotiations for her to be a spokesperson. Could something derive? You could speculate maybe, but that is not our intention now. We also have a fitness center we set up at her home and they work out with her there as well.”

The pop princess also appears to be whipping those vocal chords back into shape by taking voice lessons with coach Ron Anderson, who has also worked with Avril Lavigne and Paris Hilton, y'all.

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