Stunner from Down Under Isabel Lucas seems to be caught in a Hollywood love triangle as both Shia LaBeouf and Adrian Grenier are said to be vying for her affection.

Lucas was the "mystery passenger" when her "Transformers" co-star flipped his car in the early hours of Sunday morning. Despite a few minor abrasions, we're told Lucas went straight back to work and made a lucky escape.

But rumors have been bubbling over recent weeks that relations between Lucas and LaBeouf may be more than just professional, and this could be a possible reason for her split from Grenier just over two weeks ago.

A rep for Shia declined to comment on the relationship rumors.

Grenier's camp says the couple never parted ways, but close insiders from the Lucas camp told Pop Tarts that she ended things primarily because she felt uncomfortable with his very close friendships with other females.

"He was devastated," said our source. "He was begging for her to take him back."

But just a couple of days after things were declared over, Grenier was spotted celebrating his 32nd birthday at West Hollywood hotspot Hyde. An eyewitness told Pop Tarts that Grenier was pretty much preoccupied, drowning his sorrows with booze and hanging out with other lady pals. While we're sure that he only has eyes for Lucas, it was apparently close ties such as these that became too close for Isabel's comfort.

But despite all the drama, Grenier and the 23-year-old actress were pap-snapped together earlier this week following Lucas' horrific incident with Shia.

"They are sorting stuff out," said a source.

We also have to say that Isabel has come quite a way in her acting career to now have a key a role in a blockbuster like "Transformers." This gal was initially plucked from obscurity, and a special role was created for her on the popular Aussie soap "Home and Away." But because she was considered a beauty more than an actress, her character spent the first few months unable to even speak.

Obama to the Dogs; Paris Peeved

Not even presidential candidates can escape the wrath of PETA.

Pop Tarts has learned exclusively that the president of the animal rights organization, Ingrid Newkirk , sent a letter to Barack Obama this week urging him not to buy a purebred dog.

"No one needs to tell you that this country is proud to be a melting pot, and that there is something deeply wrong and elitist about wanting only a purebred dog," Newkirk wrote in the somewhat strange letter.

"Millions of Great American Mutts — the dog that should be our national dog — are set to die in our nation's extremely overcrowded pounds and shelters for lack of good homes. Every animal purchased from a breeder or a pet shop takes a home away from a needy animal at an animal shelter, waiting and hoping for a chance at the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

PETA then suggests that if the senator is to purchase a pup from a shelter, not only will he be saving a life, but he'll be "demonstrating compassion."

Britney Not Happy About Still Being Babysat

Latest in the world of Britney Spears ... Commissioner Riva Goetz announced in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday morning that Spears "reluctantly agrees" to continue her father's temporary conservatorship until Dec. 31.

This means that daddy Jamie Spears still has control over Brit's estate and finances as our gal isn't deemed mentally fit enough to take control of these aspects of her life.

Meanwhile, the restraining order placed against Osama "Sam" Lutfi by the Spears family earlier this year expired on Thursday.

"Mr. Spears and Mr. Lutfi have reached a private agreement," a lawyer for Jamie Spears told Pop Tarts on Thursday afternoon. "No hearing or order is necessary at this time. Accordingly, Mr. Spears would like to take the TRO hearing off the calendar."

On Wednesday, Spears' lawyer Samuel Ingham told the Associated Press that he would not seek an extension on the order and that Brit had made it "quite clear" she wanted nothing to do with the former friend/manager.

But speaking of Spears, earlier this week she was pap-snapped getting very cozy with her bodyguard, a former Israeli solider named Lee while vacationing in Cabo, Mexico.

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Hmmm, let's hope this isn't the start of another affair destined for disaster...

Man Pays Almost $17,000 for Daughter to Meet Miley

Miley Cyrus may have been at the center of a few scandals in recent times, but that still didn't stop a Connecticut man from forking over $16,800 for his 11-year-old daughter to be the "Hannah Montana" star's date to her upcoming "Bolt" movie premiere.

Pop Tarts was the first to tell you about the eBay auction Cyrus did to raise money for her charity The Pappy Cyrus Foundation. She raised over $58,100 by bidding off personal items like the dress she wore to the "High School Musical" premiere and the necklace she donned for her second album cover.

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