Pop Tarts: Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell Open Up About 'Sexual Tension'

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell appear to be unlikely lovers even on-screen, but after spending months getting sweaty on the set of "Get Smart," the pair has, well, an interesting relationship away from the lights and action.

"I can't get him to leave me alone," Anne "Agent 99" Hathaway told Pop Tarts with a smile. "But we were, or we are, very true to the sexual tension from the original series. 'Maxwell' and '99' have a little bit of frisson between them. Steve and I work to keep it that way.”

It seems as though Mr. Carell's feelings toward his on-screen flame are slightly, uh, different, however.

"There's a little bit of romance — there's a little something going on there," said Steve. "But it is mostly between me and (co-star) Alan Arkin."

Well, perhaps Carell was just intimidated by Hathaway's newfound flexibility.

"I trained hard for the role — I even got to do some head flips, which was scary," Anne said. “I think I finally know how to kick butt.”

Eva Opens New Restaurant ... but Where's Tony?

Looking sensational, Eva Longoria officially opened her highly awaited American/Mexican restaurant Beso (Spanish for "kiss") in the heart of Hollywood last Thursday. And it seemed that every star and starlet turned out in support except for her husband Tony Parker.

The "Desperate Housewives" dame dined on tortillas and drank Hornitos Tequila with her entire reel-life family, in addition to random "friends" such as Kim Kardashian, America Ferrera, Sheryl Crow (who was autographing elbows) and Mario Lopez. Even Nicollette Sheridan showed up with her man Michael Bolton (fashionably late as apparently they were directionally challenged).

But Longoria's NBA star husband was nowhere to be found. According to an insider, he was actually at a game, and for the record we’re told "he's not unsupportive, just uncomfortable in the show-biz environment."

But the Wisteria Lane wonder woman had another man on her side.

“Beso is my new baby, but it belongs to (fellow investor) Todd English,” Longoria told Tarts while motioning to the celebrity chef, who is known for filling the mouths of stars from Cameron Diaz to George Clooney. “What he can do — he’s amazing.”

Tarts also spotted Eva having a quick puff on the outside patio, putting to rest any speculation that she was seen “shopping for a nursery” and therefore possibly “expecting."

“Eva would never smoke if she was pregnant,” a close friend of Mrs. Parker confirmed.

Ladies Love John Mayer

When it comes to money vs. music, John Mayer seems to fall for the latter. Pop Tarts has been told that the "Waiting for the World to Change" crooner cruised into Hennessey's jazz night (hosted by Danny Masterson) at Teddy's on Thursday night with his guitar strapped to his back. (John apparently came directly to the Hollywood hotspot from LAX airport.)

However, Mr. Mayer waited until the very wee hours before deciding to give an impromptu performance ... but was there anyone in particular he was attempting to impress?

"After his showdown, John flirted with a bunch of very cute blondes and was also chatting very closely with Rumer Willis," an eyewitness told Tarts. "And (he) ordered a few rounds of Hennessey Bugsy Malone drinks to keep the night alive."

One girl was so excited to be in such close proximity to the singer that she stalked him throughout the evening, Tarts was told.

"She was almost crying and kept going up to John and telling me how much she loved him and his music," said a party person. "It was insane. He looked really frightened and kept looking over at security."

Will Fight: Ledger’s Daughter May Not Receive a Dime?

If it isn’t enough for Michelle Williams to cope with the tragic passing of her former beau Heath Ledger, she now may be facing a fight over his will.

Ledger reportedly lodged a will in a Manhattan court back in 2003 (two years before Matilda Rose was born) leaving all of his wealth to his father, mother and sisters.

As he and Williams were never married, the “Dawson’s Creek” starlet apparently has been warned that it may be a struggle to ensure Matilda Rose gets her fair share.

According to the Daily Telegraph in Heath’s homeland of Australia, a conflict erupted over the weekend as two of Heath’s uncles accused their brother Kim Ledger (Heath’s father) of mismanaging their own father’s estate in the 1990s.

"Kim was in position of guardianship and we had to take him to court to take that off him because a sum of $2 million went missing," Haydn Ledger told the paper.

The uncles reportedly expressed their fears about having Kim take control of Heath’s assets, which are estimated to be around $20 million, and warned Michelle father Larry Williams that his daughter should hire a lawyer to “look into the issues."

However, before Heath’s will became public, Kim Ledger denied speculation that Matilda would be left without any inheritance and insisted she was top priority.

“Michelle is a very strong person and she will fight however long and however hard if it comes to that,” an inside source told Pop Tarts. “Matilda Rose meant everything to Heath, and she will make sure that she gets what she deserves. But my guess is that Michelle would be disgusted that Matilda’s inheritance is even being questioned.”

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