Pop Tarts: Anna Kournikova Sticks to Veggies, Coffee, Fruit and Wine

Former tennis sensation Anna Kournikova hit up one of Miami's hottest dining digs for Sunday lunch this past weekend, leaving a large group of family and friends waiting for her fashionably late arrival.

If there was any irritation, however, it would have been quickly forgotten as the blond bombshell gave all her guests multiple "hello" kisses while profusely apologizing for her tardiness in arriving at the Kobe Club, according to our source.

We're told Kournikova indulged in tomato and onion salad and insisted on steamed vegetables (a-ha! — now we know how she keeps that fab flab-free bod) before tucking into a "dessert" consisting of black coffee, fruit and LP Rose wine.

Even though Kournikova's meal probably wasn't as pricey as her pals', the gracious Russian model still insisted she had to be the one to pick up the bill.

But perhaps Kournikova’s great figure is not only a result of her veggie-based dining habits but can also be credited to her passion for perspiration.

"I feel great when I sweat and get all the negative energy out," she recently told People magazine. "I do some cardio but very little, just to relieve the stress and sweat."

Pregnancy 'Released' Thandie Newton From Psychological Disorders

Actress Thandie Newton is no stranger to eating disorders and low self-esteem, but the star of the upcoming "Run Fat Boy Run" directed by David Schwimmer says that such psychological issues plagued her right up until she had her first child in 2000.

"I spent my life feeling that what’s impressive is being good, being smart — I had an inability to believe that just being me was interesting to anyone," Newton told us earlier this week. "I was a very insecure kid, so I used my intellect as a security blanket."

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But all that changed when Thandie had a baby of her own.

"My epiphany really didn’t come until I had a child; finally, I am very happy being here and not ashamed. So many people thought I was a really cold person, but I was just painfully shy. But having a kid made me question why I had such a low self-esteem — I really dealt with a lot around that time," she said.

She added that being pregnant and giving birth made her "explore how I was going to guide another beautiful being in this world."

"I was released — it doesn’t happen for everyone, but it happened for me," she said.

While Simon Pegg’s overweight character has to learn to accept and love himself in "Run Fat Boy Run," Thandie’s role as the dumped fiancee wasn’t as "deep" as what she is used to after starring in emotional films like "Crash" and "The Pursuit of Happyness."

"I wasn’t as challenged as I normally am with movie roles," Newton admitted. "I found myself getting very twitchy, because I just wanted to research and delve deeper, but there was nowhere to go, so I had to sit back and watch the comedy. It was a real fat vacation."

Elle Macpherson Will 'Age Defy' You

Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Beau Garrett … and now Elle Macpherson.

The Australian-born beauty also known as "The Body" will be using her fab face a little more as she has just joined a very elite group of gorgeous gals as the latest global ambassador for "age defying" Revlon.

The 44-year-old model/actress/underwear entrepreneur (who is rumored to be romancing artist/director Julian Schnabel’s 21-year-old son, Vito) will be featured in upcoming international advertising campaigns in addition to various philanthropic activities to support women’s health and breast cancer programs.

"Revlon is an iconic brand, bringing high-quality products to women around the world and is complementary to my values," Macpherson said. "I am proud to join Revlon in its celebration of women and in its long-term commitment and support for education and research to advance women’s health and particularly to fight women’s cancers."

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