Watch out, "Girls Next Door." It seems Hugh Hefner has found a fourth lady in his life.

Anna Faris stars in the upcoming "The House Bunny" (which features the men’s magazine mogul and his three busty blondes), and has since been spending quite a bit of time at the iconic Playboy Mansion.

"I was just there yesterday. Hef has been an incredible support system; it’s thrilling to see him act," Faris told Pop Tarts last week, adding that she’s been made a real-life honorary girlfriend.

The bubbly blonde also told us to keep our eyes out for the September issue of Playboy (no confirmation that it is a centerfold), and although Anna sweated it out to be picture-perfect for the part, being a girlfriend didn’t involve too much mental stress.

"I did very little to emotionally prepare — I worked out, got hair extensions and bought lots of padded bras," she said.

But speaking of Hef and his girlfriends, it seems things weren't quite so sunny at the annual Fourth of July bash at the mansion on Friday.

According to some partygoers, there was a bit of a tiff among the girls and Kendra wasn't speaking to Holly or Bridget.

"They didn't even exchange glances," an eyewitness said. "I don't know what happened, but Kendra made sure to keep her distance."

It has been speculated for quite some time that 23-year-old Wilkinson is getting ready to fly the coop, having been busy focusing on building her own brand-name independent of the "Girls Next Door."

Only time will tell, but last time we spoke to Hef, himself, just a few weeks ago, he said that it’s quite amazing they’ve all been together for this long.

"Girls will be girls, and there are moments where they will disagree," he said. "The amazing thing, quite frankly, is that we're all together after six years."

Tara Reid on the Road to Reformation?

Tara Reid reportedly told organizers she would be attending Tuesday night's New Era "Capture the Flag" clothing launch, at Hollywood’s hot new Zune House and hosted by her pal Travis Barker (the tattooed ex-Blink 182 drummer was the inspiration behind the new skater-style line).

But we're told Reid didn’t show because she’s shooting a pilot for a reality series centered on her efforts to turn over a new leaf and not party — sounds like one riveting watch.

According to an insider, Tara is taking the rumored role "very seriously," which doesn’t quite explain why she spent all of last week hitting various parties and then Hale Bob designer Daniel Bohbot’s Summer of Love birthday bash on Wednesday.

We spotted super-tiny Tara plus her posse heading into the '60s-themed party around 11:30 p.m. but we couldn’t help but wonder what happened to her hair… snap, crackle, pop!

Tobey Maguire Goes Off

The paps swarmed Tobey Maguire’s car on Wednesday night as he was leaving popular Los Angeles eatery Madeo with his wife, Jennifer Meyer, and although the "Spider-Man" star stayed calm as he was flooded by camera flashes, eventually he bit back, big time.

"Get the f--k out of the way; I can’t see!" he screamed as he attempted to drive through. "There are cars there, motherf---ers! Get outta the way!"

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Eva Bares Bikini Bod

Eva Longoria donned a dashing orange bikini while vacationing with hubby, Tony Parker, and pals in Portofino, Italy, on Thursday. Although we don’t quite understand what she was getting at with this very unflattering leg-lift. …

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The normally super-taut "Desperate Housewife" looks to have relaxed and allowed a few more female curves to come out, which no doubt will spark speculation across the media world as to whether she’s "expecting."

Before Wimbledon Final: Venus Sleeps, Serena Hits the Town?

Just two nights before the Wimbledon Grand Final between Venus and Serena Williams, one sister apparently went out on the town and the other stayed home to sleep — and it’s not hard to guess which did which.

We’re told 28-year-old winner, Venus, opted to stay in, order take-out and call it an early night last Thursday ahead of the big match on Saturday while her 26-year-old sister, Serena, hit up a London eatery for a spirited night with a bunch of friends and business associates.

While it wasn’t clear whether or not the pro-athlete was drinking, we’re told the group enjoyed a healthy supply of adult beverages.

Venus and Serena shared an apartment for the duration of the tournament and hosted quite the post-party on Saturday, but the focus of the celebrations apparently had more to do with their ladies’ doubles victory than with Venus’ stunning win.

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