Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends;”

Thanks for clicking here to read our blog. This is of course your chance to read behind-the-scenes dirt that we don't have time to report on the air.

Today’s installment has to do with an on-camera comment by Brian.

Now keep in mind, Brian is not what you would call a "rural" expert. During the 6 a.m. "FOX & Friends First", Brian and Juliet Huddy were talking about something and Brian said something about how when he was younger, he lived off the land, out on the farm, "milking ponies."

As a former president of the Future Farmers of America (search), I can tell you that I have met agri-businessmen who've got important jobs that keep our food supply working. Tilling the land, planting the crops, harvesting, raising the livestock, bringing them to market... and yet given all of those jobs, I believe Brian was a pioneer in the field of Pony Milking.

When asked about it, he declined to say WHERE his pony milking facility was located, or WHEN he was a pony milker, or more importantly, he declined to say WHY he milked ponies.

Some might say Brian was making that up. I, however, as a long time friend and colleague, feel that Brian would not have said it, unless it was true.

So congratulations to my friend and agri-businessman pioneer, Brian Kilmeade.

I'm heading off to Cape Cod as soon as I've finished typing this blog. I'm planning on going to a Cape baseball game, going lobstering, and plan on consuming half my weight in chowder. Nothing better.

Then on Sunday, off to Boston to party with the Democrats. Get my lampshade!

Have a great weekend!

Steve Doocy
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