Scott Rasmussen might be the best pollster in America right now. He nailed the Obama-McCain race. And his questions are clear and concise, not confusing and misleading.

The latest Rasmussen poll asked three simple questions:

1: Should Congress hold hearings to determine if President Bush and members of his administration committed war crimes? 60 percent said no, 28 percent yes, 12 percent don't know.

2: Are President Bush and senior members of the Bush administration guilty of committing war crimes? 54 percent say no, 25 percent yes, 21 percent not sure.

3: If President Bush and his administration are brought to trial for war crimes, would that be good or bad for the United States? A whopping 70 percent say bad. Just 19 percent say good. 11 percent not sure.

So once again, the poll proves Americans to be fair-minded and level headed.

But what about those 19 percent? Well, many of those people are so poisoned by ideology, they hate Mr. Bush and anyone else with whom they disagree. Your mom warned you never to talk about politics or religion, and those people are the reason why. When you come across someone who does not respect opposing points of view, just walk away. Those people can never be trusted.

Now one of the villains in the current hate Bush climate is Congressman John Conyers of Michigan. Now I like Conyers personally. I ran into him a few years ago at the Super Bowl in Miami, and I enjoyed talking with him. But Conyers would gravely damage America because of his far-left ideology. He is the primary "get Bush" guy in Congress right now.

But here's the deal on Conyers. When President Clinton got into trouble on the perjury beef, Conyers ardently defended him and attacked those who wanted accountability. Can you explain that, Congressman? Can you explain why President Clinton should not be held to account for a provable offense, but President Bush should be hammered when there is no hard evidence that he did anything illegal at all? Simple question, Congressman. We await your reply.

Now fair-minded Americans realize some of their countrymen have a political neurosis, and it runs both ways, liberal and conservative. But we can't allow these people to damage the country. President Obama understands that apparently and should forcefully put this hate Bush nonsense down.

If there is probable cause — probable cause — then investigate by all means. If not, knock it off. We have far more important things to worry about.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Another stalker confronts another star, this time actress Halle Berry.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Halle, is it true that you and your boyfriend broke up?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Halle, how you doing?

HALLE BERRY, ACTRESS: Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) away from me. This is insane. Really, really. Get out of my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) way.


Again, the patriotic thing to do is pass new laws protecting people from these stalkers, photographers or otherwise.

On the pinhead front, on Governor Schwarzenegger's watch, California is broke. That's because California has largely failed to control entitlements and illegal immigration.

Now the governor wants to tax just about everything, including golf, auto repairs and furniture repairs. He also wants to raise the already sky-high sales tax in a time of recession, so Governor Schwarzenegger is a pinhead.

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