Poll: Only 25 Percent of Divorced Americans Entitled to Alimony, Child Support Receive It

Deadbeat dads and moms apparently are running amok in much higher numbers than originally believed, according to a poll.

The poll revealed that only 25 percent of divorced Americans entitled to alimony or child support are actually receiving all of it and 29 percent are not getting any of it.

One in four Americans who are divorced are supposed to get child support or alimony payments, but just a quarter of them are actually seeing all the money they are owed, the GFK Roper poll commissioned by www.divorce360.com found.

Twenty-nine percent, or three in 10, are not being paid any of the financial support due to them, and 14 percent have given up trying to get their money. Only 6 percent of those entitled to the payments are fighting for them, according to the study.

"I assumed most people paid their child support and alimony," said Divorce360 editor Marisa Porto in a press release about the findings. "The poll results were shocking, really. Naturally, I have heard of deadbeat parents. But the numbers of people who aren't receiving any support or have given up any hope they'll get it — I never realized the numbers were that high."

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