Most national polls find Barack Obama holding a solid — yet narrowing — lead over John McCain in the final push before the election.

But a recent poll of automobile owners shows a different reality.

McCain leads Obama 47 percent to 46 percent among vehicle owners — well within the margin of error — according to a report released by the automotive price guide Kelley Blue Book.

The report, which appeared Monday on the McClatchy-Tribune's Web site, found that McCain is favored among owners of domestic and luxury vehicles — like Buick, Dodge, and Ford — while Obama leads among import owners — like Saab and Honda.

Fifty-two percent of Lexus, BMW, and Lincoln owners, for example, prefer McCain while 61 percent of Subaru owners favor Obama, according to the McClatchy-Tribune.

The report found that heavy sales of those vehicles correlate with states where a particular candidate dominates in the polls, Kelley Blue Book's senior vice president of marketing and analytics Rick Wainschel told the Hartford Courant.

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