Doesn't it seem like politicians are tripping over themselves with these economic stimulus plans?

Candidates who attacked tax cuts for creating deficits, conveniently forget those deficits when pushing their own in an election year. Think Hillary Clinton.

Candidates who attacked quick fixes for long-term economic ills have no trouble handing out $250 tax credits to get folks spending. Think Barack Obama.

And candidates who voted against the president's tax cuts because they were a bad idea, even in a slowing economy, have not a lick of concern proposing much the same tax cuts years later... in a slowing economy. Think John McCain.
Look, Senator McCain wants to lower taxes. Great. The timing of his economic stimulus plan is a little odd, just days before the South Carolina primary, and days after Mitt Romney beat him up pretty badly in Michigan on this very issue.

I just have a hard time figuring the inconsistencies in a lot of these guys on this issue.

Hillary Clinton said tax cuts don't work, now they do.

Barack Obama said quick government fixes won't do, now they're fine.

And John McCain says the president's tax cuts should be permanent, even though he wouldn't take back his votes against those cuts he now wants to make permanent.

Look, if you don't like tax cuts, fine. If you voted against them, fine. If you say you wouldn't take back that vote, fine.

But what's not fine is trying to have it both ways, and telling folks you were against tax cuts, before you were for them, or after them, or something like that.

If that's straight talk, let me just express my dismay.

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