Politically Incorrect? 'Naked' White House Hopefuls Grace Magazine Cover

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I'm all in favor of making fun of people who either are president or who want to be president. I have participated in this game, and I enjoy very much guys like Jon Stewart who are champions of the art of political lampoon.

However, one has to wonder if Radar magazine has gone over the line — or if there is any line left anymore anyway?

The magazine's November cover mocks the candidates for certain. Rudy Giuliani nuzzles a nude Hillary Clinton, while a nude Barack Obama lounges nearby not noticing the misbehavior, probably because he is bored with it all.

The real candidates did not pose for this cover. It's a Photoshop job mocking a hotly controversial Vanity Fair cover a few years ago that showed Hollywood hotties lounging around nude: Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson with a leering Tom Ford right in the middle of the suggestive scene.

I certainly don't care if Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson want to let it all hang out on a mag cover. They're in the business of selling themselves, so why not let them put the entire product on display. As for fashion designer Tom Ford, this is about what anybody would have figured for him if you would have stopped to think about it.

But seriously, folks. At least one of these three is very likely to be president, and another has a good shot. In my view, that's Rudy and Hil. Sorry, Barack. And I know Radar magazine isn't in the business of making these people look good, but holy moly is it really OK to make them look this bad?

Sadly I guess the answer to that question is yes. They're fair game and if somebody wants to Photoshop them into zoo animals, the candidates will just have to take it.

Just by the way: Radar will probably sell a few more copies this month because of this cover. The editors will have a little something extra in the pay envelope this week, no doubt. That's what it's all about.

That's My Word.

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