The massacre at Fort Hood, in which 14 people were murdered by an Islamic extremist who betrayed his country and his uniform, will be debated as to why the Army didn't see the signs that this guy was a potential threat and certainly not worthy of the same uniform and insignia of the brave men and women who have risked their lives for their country.

Nidal Hasan wore the uniform of the United States, but his traitorous actions disgraced that uniform and our flag. It appears that there was a prevailing spirit of political correctness that caused many from calling attention to his radical and anti-American statements. It's bad enough that political correctness has killed Christmas, comedy and common sense, but in this case, it appear that it killed 14 innocent people;13 soldiers and civilians and one unborn child.

In the aftermath, prominent military officials such as the highly regarded General George Casey and Admiral Mike Mullen stated that they hoped that nothing would hurt the diversity of the military. With the highest respect for their positions and service, I truly understand, appreciate and support the ideal that our military reflect the great diversity of our unique and wonderful nation. But the men and women of our Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are not participants in a massive social experiment or a demonstration project to show how diverse and tolerant we are. They are recruited, trained, and equipped to provide the greatest military force on the planet.

Let the universities provide the ideological playground for academics to put forth the high-minded plans of people management to give us all a "feel-good" for being so tolerant, but our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines deserve to be surrounded by the best of their peers, not misfits who are protected because of their religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or their cereal preference for that matter.

There is room in the military for people from all kinds of backgrounds and diversity, but the common denominator ought to be devotion to country, honor and duty. Too much is at stake to cover for someone to keep from offending the political sensitivities of anyone.

The military sacrifices enough for us. We shouldn't ask them to sacrifice common sense so as not to offend anyone. The military is trained to not merely offend an enemy, but destroy it.

Civility? Sure; but trifling niceties at the expense of their best interest? Never.

I'd rather kill political correctness than good American servicemen and women doing their jobs while at their post.

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