Police at California State University, Sacramento shot a man on campus Wednesday after another man was beaten during a fight in a student dormitory and later died.

Campus officers responding to reports of a disturbance found one man lying injured on the floor and another man who charged them with a knife, campus police chief Dan David said.

Officers fired only after the man refused to back off and after they used pepper spray, David said.

"The subject kept coming at the officers with a knife, and it appeared they had no other choice than to do what they did," he said.

Paramedics treated the man with gunshot wounds and the man who had been beaten, possibly with a baseball bat. Both were taken to hospitals, and the beating victim was pronounced dead.

Police did not immediately say whether the two men were students.

Police were still investigating whether the two knew each other before the fight in a newly opened, apartment-style building.

Police said the incident didn't pose any threats to other people on campus.

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