Police Search Missing Missouri Teens' Computers for Clues

Police are looking through the files on computers used by two Missouri teens missing since last Friday in hopes of tracking them down, the Clinton County Sheriff's Department said Thursday.

Christina "Paige" Alley, 14, and Levi Carlson, 16, were last seen Friday night at a high school football game in Lathrop, Mo., and police issued an Amber Alert for the teens on Tuesday evening.

Police searched computers that had been used by Alley but found nothing that would reveal where the two may have gone or if they had made plans to run away, Major John Farmer of the sheriff's office told FOXNews.com.

Computer forensics investigators are now searching Carlson's computer for a journal or any information that would lead to the missing teens.

The sheriff's department has received calls since the Amber Alert was issued, but none have pointed investigators in the right direction, Farmer said.

Alley and Carlson are believed to have stolen Carlson's stepmother's maroon 1996 Toyota Avalon with Missouri license plate number PD0 A5U. The sheriff's department has not been notified of any sightings by law enforcement officials, Farmer said.

Jeff Alley, Paige's father, appeared on Fox News Thursday morning, asking the teens to come home.

"We want both kids back. We’re worried about Levi also. We just want to hug you and love you," he said. The families are hoping the national media coverage can help them bring the missing teens home.

Police plan to search abandoned farm houses, barns and vacant houses for sale in the area, Farmer said. He believes the Toyota has been hidden somewhere. Two fly-over searches have not turned up any traces of the vehicle.

Neither Alley nor Carlson took their cell phones on Friday night, and Carlson does not have his three prescription medications for bipolar disorder, Farmer said.

"Sometimes when we have these deals where the kids run away, they'll at least maybe use a pay phone and say we're alright," he said. "We're not getting any communication."

A credit card in the teens' possession has not been used and Alley left $900 in her room that Farmer believes she would have taken if she'd planned to run away.

Farmer said the evidence suggests Alley left willingly with Carlson on Friday night, but that it was out of character for the girl to have stayed out of contact with her family for almost a week.

The family is hopeful that the computer investigation will turn up information on their whereabouts, family friend and spokesman Jim Dyer told FOXNews.com.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and find a destination point they've talked about. There hasn't been any electronic chatter. No voicemails. No Facebook contact with friends or family," he said.

Searchers have also been keeping a lookout at relatives' homes in case the teens turn up. "We've talked to neighbors of family members where they thought they would go to," Dyer said, but no one has seen them.

The teens have more money than family and investigators previously thought. Dyer said that an envelope with up to $300 had been left in Carlson's stepmother's purse in the missing Toyota. A friend said Alley had $85 with her on Friday before she disappeared.

Alley, a member of her high school band, was last seen Friday at halftime when she asked to leave the game to go see her boyfriend's mother, Kathryn Carlson, who had suffered a heart attack earlier in the week.

Carlson had a physical confrontation with his father on Wednesday last week and his stepmother would not see him when he visited the hospital Friday, Farmer said.

Alley is 5' 2", 130 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a blue shirt with black pants and sandals and has a round birth mark on her hip. Carlson is 5' 10", 225 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Investigators still believe the teens are in the area, but at this point have little evidence to go on.

"Every day that goes by, its worse," Farmer said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Clinton County Sheriff's Department at (816) 539-2156.

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