Police Report: McKinney Struck Officer With Closed Fist

Rep. Cynthia McKinney struck a Capitol Hill police officer in the chest with a closed fist during an altercation last month, according to an event report filed by the officer.

The report, which was obtained Tuesday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, describes the incident as an assault on a police officer, who was identified as Paul McKenna.

The report gives specific details of what happened when McKenna tried to stop McKinney, D-Ga., from going around a security checkpoint at a House office building March 29. It had previously been reported that McKinney "stabbed" the officer with a cell phone or slapped McKenna with an open hand.

U.S. Attorney Ken Wainstein has turned the matter over to the grand jury, which will decide whether McKinney will be charged.

After the scuffle, McKinney had said she was the victim of racial profiling and that the officer touched her inappropriately when he tried to stop her. But the incident embarrassed House Democrats, including fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus, none of whom publicly defended McKinney's behavior.

Under pressure from Democrats and the members of the Black Caucus, McKinney apologized for the incident on the House floor earlier this month.