A Grammy-nominated music producer who has been missing since Sunday called a friend that day on his cell phone to say he was being chased by people with dogs, authorities said.

Christian Julian Irwin (search), 48, of the Topanga area of Los Angeles, called a friend around 3:45 a.m. and said he was being chased through water and had lost his glasses and shoes in a creek, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said Wednesday.

Deputy Luis Castro, a sheriff's spokesman, declined to comment on reports that Irwin was caught up in an Internet scam run by Nigerians. His sister, Sharon Riolo, has said he got scared when he received a check for $50,000 in the mail from the group.

Irwin, who has been nominated for three Grammys, has produced recordings for Queen Latifah, De La Soul, Carly Simon, David Bowie (search) and Vanessa Williams (search).