Police Find Wanted Man's Car in Missing Kansas Teen Case

Authorities said they suspect foul play in the disappearance of an 18-year-old community college student, and they searched for the man she left a bar with the last time she was seen.

Police searched a bloodied room in the motel where the man had been living, and asked the public for help in locating a white bedspread with a floral design.

Emily Sander left a bar called Retreat, east of El Dorado, with 24-year-old Israel Mireles on Friday, police said Tuesday. Her car was found the following day at the bar.

The rental car Mireles was believed to be driving was found Tuesday in Vernon, Texas, about 350 miles (563 kilometers) southwest of El Dorado, El Dorado Deputy Police Chief Rick Kennedy said.

"As of now, Israel Mireles has not been located and we are aggressively seeking his whereabouts," Kennedy said.

He is likely traveling with his 16-year-old girlfriend to Mexico, authorities said. They do not believe Sander is with him.

Authorities released a photo of a white bedspread with a floral design and asked the public for help locating it. Police suggested the public pay attention to areas east of El Dorado along two highways and conducted their own roadside searches.

Police on Saturday searched a room at the El Dorado Motel, where a manager reported an altercation may have occurred. Mireles had been living at the motel, about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from the bar where Sander was last seen, and worked at a restaurant that recently opened next to the motel.

Joe Terziu, the owner of the Bella Casa Italian Restaurant where Mireles worked, told The Wichita Eagle that he saw what looked like blood on a bed and carpet. Terziu said he thought to himself, "This place looks scary," after he saw the blood.