Sniffer dogs discovered a bomb-laden vehicle parked in an Ankara garage, as police have increased security measures in Turkey fearing attacks timed to Sept. 11, the governor of Ankara said.

Gov. Kemal Onal said a large amount of explosives were found stashed in a minibus, which had a fake license plate. "A possible disaster has been prevented," Onal told reporters at the site.

Explosive experts defused the bomb, Police Chief Ercument Yilmaz said, adding that the type of the explosives would be announced later.

Police had evacuated houses and cordoned off the area near the multistory garage as a precaution while the bomb was being defused.

Suicide bombers linked to Al Qaeda hit Istanbul in 2003 with truck bombs, killing 58 people in attacks that targeted two synagogues, the British Consulate and a British bank. In February, a court sentenced seven people to life in prison for the bombings.