Authorities are awaiting more DNA results from materials seized from the home of missing Illinois mom Lisa Stebic.

A source close to the investigation told FOX News that one round of testing has been completed, but the lab needed additional samples. Plainfield, Ill., police expect to have the results of that testing soon.

Stebic, 38, was last seen the evening of April 30. Her husband, Craig, told police he was in the backyard -- and the couple’s two children were not at the house -- when he thought someone picked his wife up for an exercise class. Her cell phone and credit cards have not been used since. Lisa and Craig Stebic were living in the same house but were in the midst of a divorce and rarely spoke.

Police have not yet named either a suspect or a person of interest in the case.

The source close to the investigation told FOX News that authorities intend to search a particular area of a local state park frequented by Craig Stebic, who often fishes there. It’s this park that was searched by co-workers of Lisa Stebic’s after a psychic told them they may find something there. But only animal bones were found.

Authorities continue to search Plainfield and the surrounding areas. They have searched more than 100 storage units, just in case somebody tried to hide a body in one of them, but have found nothing so far, FOX News has learned.

The police have also subpoenaed access to news video shot by several TV stations covering the Stebic case, according to The Herald News in Joliet.

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The department reportedly paid WGN Continental Broadcasting Co. $200 for access to its video. Police would not say what they were looking for.

The department also paid $20.41 to Yahoo for the ability to access Internet postings Lisa Stebic possibly made on an exercise Web site before she disappeared, looking for workout partners. Nothing significant was found in her contacts from the site, Deputy Police Chief Mark Eiting told The Herald News.

The Naperville Sun reported that Stebic’s friend, Linda Terpto, said the missing mom wouldn't use the Internet to meet people.

"Lisa was an outgoing person and she had plenty of friends," Terpto told the newspaper. "She didn't need to do that."

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Stebic also went on a couple dates with a man in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. Police have said they have questioned him more than once and have said he isn’t considered suspect. But the law enforcement source told FOX News he has not been totally "cleared," even though he has an alibi for the night Lisa vanished.

Stebic’s family is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, but none of the tips that have come in so far have panned out.

But despite the lack of leads, authorities say eventually, a case will be made.

FOX News' Megyn Kelly contributed to this report.