Plea Deal for Rep. Cynthia McKinney?

You were wondering about it, so we got the information for you:

Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney is reportedly talking to federal prosecutors about some type of plea deal to avoid an indictment and trial. Prosecutors subpoenaed six witnesses over the past two month to appear before the grand jury and describe what happened three months ago in Washington, D.C. Rep. McKinney is accused of hitting a police officer. Her people deny any discussions and say they are unaware of any legal case regarding Ms. McKinney.

It was fascinating watching the returns come in last night. In California there was a very closely watched race. The Republican, Brian Bilbray — who was against the McCain-Kennedy Senate version of illegal immigration reform — defeated his Democratic challenger who supported it.

In San Bernardino, the City Council wants a judge to determine whether there can be an election on a measure to bar illegal immigrants from renting in the city and force day laborers to prove they are legal residents. We'll update you on what happens.

Jerry Buck Inman, the man suspected of killing Clemson student Tiffany Souers, is a registered sex offender. He was released from prison in Florida in September for kidnapping and sexual battery. His DNA was found in Souers' apartment. He was arrested in Tennessee and waived extradition to South Carolina. More tomorrow....

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