While Rome is burning, Nero is playing the fiddle on late-night television.

I know it's easy to tune out — especially on a Friday when you probably just want to order a pizza and watch basketball — but that's just what people are counting on.

If you want some real "March madness," just look at some of this week's fires:

Big United Nations members — including Russia and (surprise, surprise) the French — have called for an end to the dollar and suggested a global currency.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office now estimates that our budget is $1.5 trillion more than their estimate from just a few weeks ago.

The Fed is pumping another $1 trillion into the system by buying debt from our treasury.

Our government is shredding the Constitution by using the IRS as a weapon to target specific individuals with a 90 percent tax!

According to USA Today, 11.2 percent of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are now unemployed.

We've now lost a million jobs in two months.

But while all of those historic things are happening, President Obama is fiddling like... well, like a very famous fiddler who's name I would love to know right now.

He's ranting about AIG bonuses that his administration had a part in authorizing; he's filling out NCAA brackets; he's working on his bowling technique; his wife is planting gardens at the White House, and then he goes on "The Tonight Show," apparently to demonstrate that the economy has now been fixed and we can all laugh about how close we came to disaster.

(I wonder if the millions who are out of work find it funny?)

No other sitting president has ever gone on "The Tonight Show" before and it's possible that no other sitting president has ever been this out of touch.

Is there anyone who doesn't think the leader of the free world's time might be better served working on — oh, I don't know — maybe the call for a global currency or the imminent test launch of a North Korean missile?

While Obama is on "The Tonight Show," you are on the front lines, fighting our fires with just a shovel and a garden hose.

More proof America can't count on its government anymore and it's why I've been telling you all along that our future depends on you.

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