Play Ball: FOX Fan Night at Shea Stadium!

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

We never forget how lucky we are to have the greatest fans in television and every once in awhile we come face to face.

Friday night was the blowout we refer to as "FOX Fan Night," and once again this year it was at Shea Stadium. Not since those four mop tops from Liverpool had a concert there has the crowd gone that wild. Okay, maybe it was just the wild 600 FOX News devotees were excited that I'd gotten ahold of my boss's credit card — everybody drank free!

I met hundreds of warm, wonderful, funny folk, some who'd driven for two days to be with us and, in fact earlier in the day, I even met somebody from Australia! They weren't there for our event, but they were still from Australia, so I thought I'd throw that in to make it sound like the Grammys or something. The only ones who didn't have a fantastic night were the Oakland As, who lost to the Mets.

All of the "FOX & Friends" hosts were in attendance — sans Brian, who was still in Florida for his book promotion. In his place Gretchen, Alisyn, Kelly, Greg, Rick, Paige and I revealed to the fans, big juicy secrets about each other, signed autographs (several oddly on blank checks) and generally reveled in the adoration of fans who really love the FOX News Channel. It was a great night, although Alisyn complained about a really big hangover, but I told her to stay away from Cavuto's Magic Margarita Machine.

There are a bunch of photos of the evening in the photo essay and I think they really capture the spirit of the night.

Click here to check out the pictures!

Also there are a couple of shots, as you can see, of the honorary First Pitch of the Night Guy, who was determined in a moment of weakness, to be me.

My kids tried to get me to practice for two weeks, but knowing that if I really worked at it, I'd just be nervous, I instead just relied upon my natural ability developed after years of synchronized swimming, when of course I represented the United States in the 1984 Olympics. Did I say Olympics? I meant Toyota Sell-a-bration.

The important thing was the ball did not hit the ground. If I were a fifth grade ump, I'd call it a strike, but because it was a Major League Baseball diamond, I'd call it a miracle I got it into Howard Johnson's glove without a bounce. A personal thanks to the seven people in the stadium who did not boo me and, to the 38,000 who did, sticks and stones may break my bones, but I got free beer and you didn't!

The night would not have been possible without the help of Michael Tammero and Kevin Harrigan of our marketing wing, along with the countless other volunteers who probably showed up for the fajita bar.

Thanks FOX Fans, you are the best!

Steve Doocy

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