Planned Parenthood Caught Covering Up Statutory Rape

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MARK STEYN, GUEST HOST: In 2005 a Cincinnati, a Planned Parenthood clinic was sued for failing to report the rape of a 14-year-old girl. The same clinic was sued again two years later for failing to report a case of incest.

Students for Life of America wanted to see if this abuse was occurring in other states. So take a look at what happened when they sent a volunteer posing as a 15-year-old to a North Carolina clinic to ask for birth control.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How old did you say your boyfriend was?

SARAH HARDIN, VOLUNTEERED TO BE IN VIDEO STING: Well, he lives with me, but he's like older. He's like in his 30s.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My concern is the age difference.

HARDIN: Oh, no, it's fine. There's nothing — there's nothing bad going on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, legally though. It's illegal. It's statutory rape. Do you need a physical exam and a pap smear? Or do you just want to get on birth control?

HARDIN: I want to get on birth control.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right. Let's see what we got. We could do 5:30 or 5:45.


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STEYN: The staffer acknowledged this was a case of statutory rape but made her an appointment to get birth control and failed to report the crime.

Planned Parenthood released a statement, saying, quote, "Contrary to the allegations made by an extreme anti-choice organization in a Web video, staff at Planned Parenthood Health Systems Incorporated in North Carolina took aggressive steps when two adult women, in an undercover sting, posed as underage teenagers and made false rape claims. Health care staff notified Child Protective Services and the police," end quote.

Well, joining us now is the volunteer in the video, Sarah Hardin, and the executive director for the Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins.

Kristan, you did this, presumably, because you feel that Planned Parenthood have a record of, in fact, covering up statutory rape cases?

KRISTAN HAWKINS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, STUDENTS FOR LIFE OF AMERICA: Yes, we wanted to find out what would happen if we sent Sarah, who is a native of North Carolina, into this clinic to see what exactly Planned Parenthood was doing.

We know that this is going on in California. There are videos from California and Indiana of this going on. And there are the two lawsuits that you previously mentioned going on in Ohio right now. So we wanted to see what was happening in the state of North Carolina.

STEYN: And Sarah, you — you were participating in the video. Was there no indication at all from the Planned Parenthood staff members that they would be interested in getting this alleged 30-year-old boyfriend of yours reported to the police?

HARDIN: Well, the Planned Parenthood staff members actually told me that they would report this to the police, they told me that they knew it was illegal behavior and it was statutory rape.

But after we went and looked under North Carolina public records law, we saw that there was no report made of my case, although reports made in Charlotte for the month that we — of the summer were not mine.

STEYN: Now, what do you say to their statement that, in fact, this was some undercover sting? You're a grown woman posing as an underage girl?

HARDIN: Well, first of all, they clearly had their facts wrong in their statement. There was only one woman in that clinic, and that was me. The video clearly shows that.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Let me ask you, Kristan. What you're complaining about is that Planned Parenthood didn't report a phony case?

HAWKINS: What we did, Alan, we wanted to see what Planned Parenthood was doing.

COLMES: Under false pretenses.

HAWKINS: And we know they're engaging — they're engaging in systematically covering up statutory rape across the United States.

COLMES: Do you acknowledge you went in under false pretenses?

HAWKINS: Yes. Sarah went in, she made a case, because we wanted to see what's happening. I understand that you have a role...

COLMES: You falsely reported a rape.

HAWKINS: You have a role to attack me, and that's fine.

COLMES: No, it's not my role to attack you. I'm honestly telling you, I think what you did was wrong. I'm not playing a role. You reported — you falsely reported a rape, correct?

HAWKINS: And Planned Parenthood failed to report a rape and sent a girl back home.

COLMES: A rape that never happened in your case.

HAWKINS: And told her how her rapist continued covering up his crime.

COLMES: Sarah, you went in and you falsely reported a rape. It was a false report, correct?

HARDIN: There was no false report made. Planned Parenthood didn't make a report.

COLMES: You talked about a rape that never occurred.

HARDIN: And Planned Parenthood...


COLMES: It didn't happen.

HAWKINS: That's not the point. We're talking about statutory rape, Alan. We know this has happened for a fact in the state of Ohio. We have two different cases.

COLMES: I understand, but you're going in because you have an anti- choice agenda. You falsely, under false pretenses, went into Planned Parenthood. You talked about a rape that never occurred to play gotcha with Planned Parenthood, using up valuable resources and time, where they could have actually been spent counseling women who truly needed help.

HAWKINS: Alan, the fact that sexual predators know that they can go into a Planned Parenthood at any time to cover up their crimes. Be it making the girl get an abortion, get on birth control, or have emergency contraception.

COLMES: Let me go to Sarah. Sarah, women go to Planned Parenthood to get health services, to get care, to get help. You were taking up their valuable time by going in under false pretenses and reporting a crime falsely that never happened. Right?

HARDIN: Yes, women go into Planned Parenthood to get help, and Planned Parenthood is not giving them help by protecting their abusers, Alan.

HAWKINS: Any good that they do, Alan, is negated by the fact that they're failing to cover — they're covering up this rape.

COLMES: You don't like them because they're pro-choice. They offer abortion counseling. They offer the opportunity for women to exercise their choice. And because you don't like that, you're playing a game of gotcha with them?

HARDIN: Planned Parenthood is an organization that says they're there to protect young women and promote good health.

COLMES: That's what they're there for.

HARDIN: What are they doing? They're not protecting...

COLMES: They're not the police.

HARDIN: They're not protecting the women.

COLMES: All right. We...

HARDIN: ... covering up the rapist.

COLMES: We thank you both very much for being with us.

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