How ironic — and symbolic. Here it is, Easter (search) weekend, and we are still battling over Terri Schiavo's (search) life. Some of you are already e-mailing about her life ending, and asking pointed questions:

Please find out if Michael Schiavo is allowing Teri to have her final communion. This is her religious right..
—Jill Vargo, Kalkaska, Michigan

Many of you have picked up on Michael's stated intention of having Terri cremated after she passes:

Why won't Terri's estranged husband allow her parents to bury her after he finishes the job? Why insist on cremation? What is going on?
—Jeff L. Osage Beach, Missouri

The cremation part seems to bother many of you because you find it suspicious — many of you are asking, what is Michael hiding? Evidence of abuse? I have no way of knowing. He may have a benign reason — for instance, if she were to be buried in a cemetery, he could be worried that her grave would become a perverse "tourist attraction.” But by keeping away from reporters and granting only a few interviews, he leaves many questions hanging out there. And by contrast, the Schindlers make themselves available to reporters all the time — so we know their side of the story in great detail.

Meanwhile, there is other news to cover including a controversy involving Jewel-Osco (search) drugstores. In Illinois, a female pharmacist refuses to sell the morning-after pill, known as "Plan B," to two female customers because it's against her beliefs. She tells them to "Come back later," presumably when another pharmacist would be willing to sell it to them. Is this discrimination or a pharmacist acting within the law? Thousands of you have been e-mailing me about Terri Schiavo, but I would like to hear from you about the Jewel-Osco controversy too. The address is dayside@foxnews.com

Have a peaceful holiday weekend, and see you Monday.


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