Relatively speaking, who wins the prize for dopiest looking nominee among Democratic candidates for president?

Was it John Kerry (search) Monday in the clean room suit that was a very uncomfortable reminder of Woody Allen playing a sperm in one of his own movies thirty years ago? Or was it the famous Dukakis tank shot?

Dukakis has been the gold standard in this department for two decades but Kerry may have nudged him aside with yesterday's Herman-Munster-goes-to-med-school outfit.

In reality, it's just a dumb picture joke and I shouldn't make any more of it than that.

But one is tempted to make a picture like Senator Kerry's into something more, a metaphor for the judgment of the commander in chief.

They yelled at President Bush for wearing the Tom Cruise “Top Gun” flight suit. It may have been a bit cheeky, but he did look good in it.

But what was the senator thinking? Has he been on the road campaigning so long that he is unaware there are people like me who make a living brutally exploiting opportunities like the one this picture presents?

After all, his wife speaks Tuesday night. I should be picking on Teresa. You know, a bunch of take this job and “shove it” jokes.

So in a way, the senator gave me an opportunity to still make fun of the Kerrys, but not have to appear to be a guy beating up on the wife.

Face it: the picture works out great for me.

Sorry, senator.

That's My Word.

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