Photos of the White House Christmas Party

Dear Viewers,

Thursday was the annual White House Christmas party for members of the media and other invited guests.  President Bush and the First Lady graciously stood in line for more than two hours to have photos taken with the invitees.  It is a tradition in Washington and all Presidents do it -- but frankly, I don't think it is fun for them.  They do it for us and for that I am grateful.  Many colleagues of mine from Fox were at the party and I took many photos.  I may have looked a bit "weird" taking pictures but I figured you would like them so here they are....


For a complete look at all the photos Greta took... click on our photo essay:

Holiday Celebration

Photo #1: Mike Emanual and Steve Doocy.  For some reason, Steve shows up in more photos than anyone else.

Photo #2: Colonel Oliver North and Chief of Staff Andrew Card

Photo #3: Am I really THAT SHORT!!!???!!!

Photo #4: My dear friend Neil Cavuto

Photo #5: Molly Hennenberg

Photo #6: Jim Angle with two White House staffers.

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