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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Tonight, thousands of American and Iraqi soldiers are entering phase two of the storm on Fallujah, entering one of the most dangerous hours as we speak.

Joining us by phone from the outskirts of Fallujah is FOX News Military Analyst Scott Rudder (search), who is embedded with the Army's 1st Infantry Division. Scott, tell us what's going on there.

SCOTT RUDDER, FOX NEWS MILITARY ANALYST: Hey, Greta, we're currently located in Fallujah with Task Force 22. As you said, I'm with the Big Red One attached with the 1st Marine Division within the Fallujah area of operations currently executing clearing operations with two of the three companies on the Iraqi Intervention Force (search) executing detailed methodical clearing operations within the city.

Earlier this morning we executed a breach with a mine clearing line charge in order to penetrate the city, in order to get the forces quickly into the northern part of the city. Again, out front of the city were several enemy or anti-Iraqi forces, obstacles that had been placed in order to slow us down or impede our movement before we actually entered the city.

The task force executed a breaching operation. Engineers moved forward with bulldozers in order to clear the lanes, allow in the tanks and Bradleys in order to penetrate and go through the city and follow on forces to execute the clearing operations.

What's happening right now? Right now we're about three-quarters of the way complete through the city coming down from the north through the south. Several buildings are on fire, however, minimal collateral damage as the clearing operations with the Iraqi Intervention Force clearing the mosque, hospitals, other infrastructure areas with U.S. soldiers and coalition soldiers executing searches of houses and key intersections in order to provide protection — back to you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Scott, I know how effective and efficient our military are but this is a joint operation with Iraqis. Number one, how are they performing, the Iraqis? And, number two, there were problems in April with Iraqis not wanting to go into Fallujah, is there that problem this time?

RUDDER: Well, Greta, this is the Iraqi Intervention Force and this was the same force about two weeks ago that I was embedded with in Sadr City (search). These are soldiers that are committed to fighting the insurgency.

They've been going through a training strategy by coalition forces… in order to execute the mission.

The resources are there. The soldiers are confident in their weapons and their leaders and their abilities, good next step for the Iraqis as they continue to take on the mission and take the fight to the enemy, the insurgents within the city of Fallujah.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Scott, thank you and, of course, you and your colleagues be very safe.

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