'Phantom of the Opera'

Thursday on "DaySide"

As usual, we'll be on top of all the day's breaking news, but in addition we have some pretty cool interviews planned. On the War on Terror (search), I've asked Mansoor Ijaz to swing by because of a few developments: 1.) Threatened unrest in Saudia Arabia Thursday 2.) New information of Iran and Syria (search) meddling in Iraq and 3.) Newly-obtained video of a TV show produced by Syria and aired in Iran that features Jews plotting world wars, massacres and slitting the throats of Christians. (Yes, I'm serious about that last one. It's really on the air and being taken seriously in the Muslim world.)

Meanwhile, there's a remarkably self-critical report just now coming out in Canada about the lack of security on its border with the U.S. Those of you who either live on this border or who have witnessed lax security, please e-mail me your comments at dayside@foxnews.com and we'll use them in the interview.

Finally, on the entertainment front, we have famous movie director Joel Schumacher (search) stopping by the “DaySide” studio to talk about his new, soon-to-be-released film, "Phantom of the Opera." Joel has such an amazing career history — and a knack for "making" stars out of actors like Colin Farrell. He'll be taking questions and comments from the audience — about his current film and/or any others that he's made — so feel free to chime in at the e-mail address mentioned above.

See you on the air!


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