Peter Jennings (search) is letting it be known that he hasn't had a personal one-on-one interview with President Bush and that he thinks he should get one.

Why? Because he's interviewed every president since he's been the anchor god at ABC News.

This fact came out in a long piece in "The New Yorker."

So does the president have an obligation to sit down and be interviewed by somebody who he can reasonably expect will be hostile, accusatory, prosecutorial... and whose coverage expresses clear opposition to major policies, such as the war in Iraq?

I don't think so.

I don't think media which has made a living being opposed, finding fault and turning small gaffes into major blunders should expect any kind of cooperation at all.

I don't expect Bill Clinton (search) to walk in and sit down with me, and I don't think Jennings should expect to find himself sitting down with Bush. (And I was way, way more fair with Clinton.)

That's My Word.

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