Some hackers are born. And, if the Pentagon has its way, some can be taught.

The U.S. military is developing easy-to-use, highly powerful hacking tools for GIs to use in case of a cyberwar, reports the Web site of Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine.

"The Russians conducted a cyberattack that was well coordinated with what Russian troops were doing on the ground," an unnamed military cybersecurity specialist told the magazine, referring to last summer's brief war between Russia and Georgia. "That sophisticated planning at different levels of cyberwarfare surprised a lot of people in the Defense Department."

One prototype device shown to Aviation Week used an easy-to-understand interface to show how best to tap into any wireless communication system, then monitored how successfully a hacking attempt was going.

Other tools include software to rapidly crack passwords to gain access to networks, far more advanced in capability than any available civilian program.

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