Pennsylvania Man Impaled by Metal Chair on Hunting Trip

A hunter fell out of his loft bed and died after being impaled by an ornate metal chair, authorities said. James Frank Schuey Jr., 42, of Worthington, died early Saturday at a camp in Washington Township from a massive loss of blood, according to Coroner Robert T. Bower.

Late Friday, Schuey climbed a makeshift ladder to the small loft above the kitchen, while his 17-year-old son and three of his son's friends slept on the camp's wooden beds, Bower said.

At about 12:30 a.m., Saturday, the teens heard a loud thud and found Schuey lying on the floor, bleeding from his chest. He had fallen eight feet onto a kitchen chair.

The camp, about 45 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, had no utilities and no cell phone coverage, so one of the teens went to another location to call 911. Schuey was flown to Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Bower said.