Pelosi Daughter Making McCain Film | George McGovern: Howard Dean's Lost Date | Oprah, A-List Head for Ritz | 'Hill' Talk; Daryl Hannah Is Solar; Ron Silver Visits; Emily Isn't a Person; Flobots Attack

Pelosi Daughter Making McCain Film

Almost more than the convention of Barack Obama, the 2008 DNC is like a party given for and by Nancy Pelosi.

The House Speaker is a ubiquitous dynamo, an Energizer bunny pushing the Democratic platform, explaining and extolling the Obamas, making everything seem right in the world to anyone who might be worried or have questions.

Tuesday night, my cab driver told me he’d just received a call to pick her up from a private dinner party! The woman does not sleep!

So it’s not too surprising that she’s getting help at home. Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra, the respected filmmaker of “Journeys with George” is, I am told, preparing a documentary about candidate John McCain.

Fair and balanced? I should think not. Coming out before the election on Nov. 4? I should think so. Is it OK? Why not? All’s fair in politics these days. Right now, the McCain campaign is using unauthorized clips of Hillary Clinton criticizing Barack Obama in their commercials. And so it goes.

It’s not the first time the younger Pelosi has put her film skills to use during an election year. Her “Diary of a Political Tourist” aired on HBO right before the November 2004 vote. No word yet on whether HBO will be airing the McCain movie.

George McGovern: Howard Dean's Lost Date

It was around 6 p.m. Tuesday night when former Sen. George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic candidate for president and hero to many who grew up in that turbulent era, turned up at FOX News’ studios on the Pepsi Center campus.

Greta Van Susteren and I had just finished a FOXNews.com broadband show, and everyone was happy to see each other. But we did notice that McGovern did not have a credential hanging around his neck, which begged the question of how he’d gotten on the security-heavy campus in the first place.

Howard Dean wrote me a letter about six weeks ago asking me to be his honored guest at the convention,” McGovern said. “I haven’t heard a word since then. I have no idea what to do next.”

Considering how completely disorganized this convention has been, this story did not come as much of a surprise. I rather doubt most of the people who attended this event will ever return to Denver unless kidnapped.

But I digress: We enlisted a golf cart and driver, and took the 86-year-old liberal movement hero over to the Pepsi Center. Once inside, finding Howard Dean wasn’t so easy. But with the help of an aide named Shannon who found convention director Stephanie Berg, we were on our way.

On the way to Dean, at least 50 different people stopped McGovern along the way asking for pictures or telling him a familiar story: “I got interested in politics because of you,” one woman said. “I was an 18-year-old delegate for you in 1972,” a man said. And so on. It was quite moving.

As we walked along, I told Sen. McGovern, whom I’d met before, that I probably became politicized because of him, also, walking around and knocking on doors in 1972. I was 15.

“Actually,” I said a few seconds later, “I was probably politicized first by Hubert Humphrey, in 1968. We wanted him to defeat Nixon so badly.”

McGovern laughed. “To tell you the truth, he politicized me too.”

With Stephanie’s help, the senator finally arrived at Dean’s VIP box. “I can’t thank you enough,” the courtly senator who might have changed history said. “We can’t thank you enough,” Stephanie said.

Oprah, A-List Head for Ritz

As the clock ticks down to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday, the big names are said to be arriving.

Right now, Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are said to have settled in at the Ritz-Carlton. One source said they heard that Demi Moore is coming to join Ashton, Oprah’s BFF Gayle King is already here and has been at the convention for two days.

Lucky, those celebrities. Many of the less fortunate like the Black Eyed Peas and John Legend are stuck in outlying areas, at motel-type places. Denver was simply not equipped to host this convention. But at least Oprah’s in a comfy place!

'Hill' Talk; Daryl Hannah Is Solar; Ron Silver Visits; Emily Isn't a Person; Flobots Attack

Hill Harper, the Harvard-educated “CSI” actor and longtime pal of Barack Obama, is making the rounds waiting for his old friend to arrive in Denver.

On Monday night, Harper, who’s published two books of advice for young people, did a little DJing at the GQ magazine/Makers Mark party at Tamayo for a bevy of congresspeople and stars including Teddy Kennedy Jr., Luke Russert and Terry McAuliffe. Tuesday night, Hill tossed a little soiree of his own at a club called Vinyl. ...

Daryl Hannah came by FOX's broadband area Tuesday to be interviewed by my colleague Greta Van Susteren. Turns out Daryl has been living “off the grid” for 16 years here in Colorado with solar panels. She also uses fast-food grease to power her car. I am not kidding. The “Splash” star is headed to London to make a new film with Tom Conti. …

Sirius Radio’s Ron Silver, who’s also an Oscar-nominated actor, watched Hillary Clinton’s speech Tuesday night from the FOX guest suite above the convention floor. The opinion of this conservative pundit? “She had some great lines.” ...

It was a melancholy meeting of hundreds of women Tuesday in the basement ballroom of the hideous Denver Sheraton. The occasion was a lunch for Emily’s List. This Emily’s List has been sending me e-mails for months. I figured I’d go and ask Emily to cut it out. But it turns out there is no Emily, just a ridiculous acronym: Early Money Is Like Yeast.

Yuck, huh?

Anyway, I felt a little like Archie Bunker as I waded into the lower level of the gaudy Sheraton. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama were scheduled to speak. The handsome PR lady snubbed me when I asked if they were letting press in, so I watched Clinton’s speech on a big screen with party crashers and security guards.

In the end, I found Emily and her list to be a little depressing. After all, they didn’t get Clinton nominated. Now what? Back to the early money I guess. And the yeast. I can only hope now they stop sending me those unwanted e-mails. ...

Anti-abortion protesters, meanwhile, staged a loud and graphic block-long protest outside the Sheraton while Emily’s yeast rose downstairs. ...

Have you ever heard of Flobot? They’re an innovative Denver hip-hop, rock and classical music ensemble just about to break out. As far as I can tell, they’re the best thing about this town, and they’re getting ready to exit it for the real world.

Tuesday night, they were part of a hot bill with Everclear and Chris Daughtry’s band at the Grammy Foundation’s convention blast. Darryl Friedman of NARAS (no relation either to me or Daryl Hannah) and Diane Blagman, the dynamo from entertainment law firm Greenberg Traurig, staged this phenomenal show at a club called The Church, which looked like a … church. Behatted, smiling Grammy governor (not a real governor, but he’s workin’ it this week!) Jimmy “Jam” Lewis, presided. …