Pearl Jam, Censorship and George Bush

Pearl Jam believes that during their recent Lollapalooza Web cast, portions of their performance which were critical of George Bush were cut off by the sponsor, AT&T. AT&T, though, claims they didn't mean to silence the band's political beliefs.

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So, what are their beliefs?

They're pretty complex, radical and rebellious — so I can see why someone would want to ban them. I mean, they criticized George Bush. That's the true reflection of a rebel.

Check out these lyrics, which the band sung to the tune of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall":

"George Bush, leave this world alone!"


"George Bush, find yourself another home!"

Wow, hardcore stuff.

I applaud these risk takers for singing something that might offend absolutely no one at all. That takes balls.

Frankly, I'm concerned for their safety. I'm sure the White House is stunned that Eddie Vedder gently hates them. George Bush's feelings must be hurt and I would not be surprised if he deploys assassins to take Vedder out. I mean, look what he did to the guy from Alice in Chains.

It's true. Pearl Jam is dangerous. But I liked them better when they were called the Dixie Chicks.

But I do think we need Vedder to talk about censorship, because it's a big problem. People are getting censored everywhere. Like, for example... I can't think of a single one. Let me get back to you on that.

It's also interesting, that when Vedder talks about censorship, he mentions the "public's concerns" over how corporations control the media. But the truth is, if you left it to the public, they would want more censorship, not less. Ever been in a chat room? Because, in my experience you can't say word one about unicorns without some self-selected hall monitor trying to get you banned.

It does not make me LOL.

And that's my gut feeling.

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