Peaceniks See Iraqi Regime for What It Really Is

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Remember the human shields who went to Iraq and tried to stop the first Gulf War by putting their bodies in the way of U.S. bombs?

Well... the human shields this time around got out of Baghdad, running as fast as they could. At least one anti-war "shield" had to pay off the guards who watched over the padlocked doors of his hotel before skipping town under cover of darkness and hiding on a flight to Amman.

I'm not making this stuff up. This is what really happened to the so-called peaceniks from Britain and America about a dozen do-gooders who were hoping to stave off American bombing by camping out at hospitals and schools where Iraqi innocents might wind up as collateral damage because of a surface-to-air missile battery sitting on the roof.

It turns out the human shields were sent to power stations and oil refineries, not hospitals and schools. And they were under guard by guys with bad attitudes and big guns.

The dozen of them left saying they were shocked to find out there were "real safety issues in the work they were hoping to do in Iraq".

Imagine that. The Iraqis wanted them to die when Americans bombed power plants and oil refineries. Imagine that.

Plus... they were shocked to find out that the Iraqi government had arranged their trip instead of the international peace group they thought had been behind their mission.

Now what are they going to say in Europe? That President Bush is at fault?

The human shields finally saw the Iraqi regime for what it really is. Now let's hear them protest this war. Let's hear how wormy this protest sounds now.

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