Paul McCartney, Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves in the dude drenched glow of The Foxlight.

He doesn't live in a yellow submarine anymore but an animated Paul McCartney wants to be the new Walt Disney. The uber rich former Beatle says he wants to produce a full-length cartoon in the spirit of his favorite flick, Lady and the Tramp.

"It may be a boast, but I think we could make something better than is being done at the moment," he said.

He'd contribute songs and maybe even voice one of the characters. C'mon, Paul, throw Ringo a bone on this one.

Next, when will we see Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pitt in a movie together? Don't hold your breath. They're willing according to Jennifer Aniston. But get this: She says Hollywood's hottest couple will wait until the media spotlight on their relationship isn't so strong. When will that be? And why would anyone want to make a movie with them then?

Finally, want to know what happens in the new Matrix sequel? I hope you like Keanu, because according to The New York Post you're going to see a lot of him, like 100 times more than usual. Here's why. The secret plot involves cloning and features an action scene in which Keanu fights 100 replicas of himself.

Dude, that's a lot of dudes.