A New England Patriots cheerleader was kicked off the squad this week after photos surfaced on Facebook showing her posing with a passed-out man covered in offensive markings.

Caitlin Davis, 18, lost her job after pictures appeared showing her holding a Sharpie marker up to an unconscious man with offensive graffiti all over him, including two swastikas and crude drawings of male genitalia, the Boston Herald reported Wednesday.

Davis was booted from her place on the squad after Tuesday.

The photographs, which were first published on Onblastatlast.com, were taken at a Halloween party at Boston College.

"Me and my girls left the dorm and went to another house and came back to the kid passed out on the futon we were suppose to sleep on," Davis told TMZ.com. "The guys ended up drawing more on him due to the fact that he was the first one to pass out on Halloween night ...

"At the time I had jumped in the picture with the kid. I didn't realize what had been drawn on him, which I take responsibility for not being alert."

The Patriots did not find the photos so amusing.

“She is no longer with the squad,” Stacey James, a spokesman for the football team, told the Herald.

Davis joined the squad straight out of high school, telling the Attleboro Sun Chronicle during tryouts that she wanted to become a Patriot cheerleader in part because of community service, which she also did "growing up with my church youth group."

"In addition to spreading a good image for the Patriots, you do some good things for others," she told the paper.

Davis is currently a freshman at Johnson & Wales University, according to reports.

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