Two studios are in a court fight over whether anchorman Pat O'Brien (search) can promote his upcoming TV news magazine "The Insider" while under contract to competing "Access Hollywood."

NBC Universal Television Distribution wants to bar O'Brien, former co-host of its"Access Hollywood," (search) from promoting Paramount's "The Insider" (search) until September.

NBC's request for a temporary restraining order was denied Tuesday in Superior Court but a judge agreed to set a July 23 hearing on the matter.

O'Brien's contract with "Access Hollywood" expires Aug. 31. "The Insider" debuts in syndication Sept. 13.

"In court papers we filed today, we sought to enforce the terms we had in place with Mr. O'Brien, who still remains under contract with 'Access Hollywood,'" NBC Universal said in a statement Tuesday.

Patty Glaser, an attorney representing Paramount, said O'Brien "is not doing anything now that in our view is remotely in violation of his limited obligations to NBC Universal."

A message seeking comment from O'Brien was not immediately returned Tuesday.