Party On, And On

Dear Viewers,

Yes, we are cruising quickly to the end of the Republican Convention and I think everyone - the delegates, members of the media etc. - are exhausted and ready to close up the convention and go home.

But rest is not in sight for many at FNC. While making our plans for the last night of the convention, we are also making all of our plans to cover the hurricane that is expected to hit Florida.

You have to have 6 eyes in this business so you can cover all the stories and watch for what is to come. To say we "multi-task" in this business is an understatement. We are hoping the country will get "lucky" and that the hurricane will make an abrupt u-turn and spare the coastal areas but that does not look likely as I write this blog.

I learn many things covering the conventions - some useful and some trivial but nonetheless worth passing on to you. Last night I ran into the chairman of the DNC in the Fox skybox greenroom.

Feeling a bit weary from working until 1 a.m. every night this week, I asked him why both parties have such long conventions. It seems to me that the conventions could be shortened since neither has any debate on the issues.

He told me that the cities and hotels demand a 4 night minimum in order for them to go through all the headaches of such huge numbers of people coming in. Both parties have no choice but to have 4 nights of speeches.

I hope you check out the pictures attached to today's blog. I am leave my camera hanging around the set in Madison Square Garden so many people should get a photo credit for the pics who do not. I am always surprised by the pics I discover on my camera.


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