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When it comes to the sad and haunting case of Chandra Levy, only one thing seems indisputably true:  We have at our disposal far more theories than facts.

Everybody has a take.  Gary Condit is guilty; his wife is. Chandra has taken a hike and is laughing riotously in some hidden retreat.  There's a jealous boyfriend theory, a serial killer theory. There are kinky theories, savage theories, conspiracy theories.  And you can't walk 50 feet in Washington without hearing one of them. 

This makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because I think I'm the only person who does not have a theory.  I don't even have a theory about how to develop a theory.  I watch this story unfold raw and chaotic.  And I'm absolutely filled with wonder at the varieties of human sin and longing and our common avarice for news and stimulation, and the fact that in a nation of 280 million people, not one seems to know what happened to a girl who should have picked up a diploma two months ago and begun a new life. 

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