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The scientists for centuries have treated some human life as a commodity to buy, sell, probe and manipulate.

Now some of them want to do the same with human life, predicting that research could yield such wonders as computers with living brains, cures for gruesome diseases and 150-year life spans.

Thursday night, President Bush asked whether those bargains could cost us our humanity, dignity and freedom. He treated all sides of the argument with respect and presented them with careful neutrality. He also focused on two unassailable goals, defending the sanctity of life and comforting families ravaged by wasting disease and crippling injury.

His proposal suffers from howling inconsistencies. He finances work using what he considers murdered embryos. He holds back on support for research he hopes will offer deliverance to millions. He didn't settle the matter, but he did set the proper tone for the debate that is sure to come: cautious, prayerful, humble and inquiring.

Let's hope all sides follow his cue. This issue is too grave and too important for cheap grandstanding.

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