Parting Thoughts for June 3, 2001

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TONY SNOW, HOST:  A couple of weeks ago, I apologized for once having asserted wrongly, I believe, that Clinton staffers looted Air Force One on Inauguration Day.  I carefully did not apologize for complaining about vandalism at the White House complex. 

My comments were prompted in part by a Kansas City Star story by David Goldstein.  He wrote that the government agencies had investigated it and "concluded that departing members of the Clinton administration had not trashed the place during the presidential transition."  In the piece, he also singled me out for a opprobrium. 

Well, he got it wrong.  The government didn't draw any conclusions because it didn't conduct an investigation.  Nevertheless, an outfit called "Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting" used Goldstein's inaccurate piece to incite a hate e-mail campaign directed at Washington journalists.  Now, many of us knew, however, that the White House stories were true.

Sources confirmed the goings-on in considerable detail, but kept mum because the president wanted to be nice to his predecessor. 

Well, Bill Clinton's boosters, in their zeal to rip into the Bush White House, have made themselves look like fools.  A handful of punks did disfigure offices in the White House complex.  The incidents were isolated, but they were noteworthy. 

My suggestion to the hate e-mailers:  Drop it before the White House starts releasing photos and phone records. 

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