It is with profound regret that I inform you today that Washington has returned to domestic business as usual. 

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle issued an economic diatribe Friday that skewered Democrats at least as badly as Republicans.  He argued that our economic downturn, which he implicitly likened to the Great Depression, was a result of deficits. 

Well, last year his party pushed through tax cuts larger than President Bush sought, and demanded more spending than he wanted.  If you're adding up at home, you can figure out that Daschle unwittingly tried to execute his own party. 

Well, the following day, the president in fine fellow (ph) issued a "no new taxes" declaration of extraordinary passion and drama.  The only problem is he promised to prevent Democrats from doing something they haven't asked to do:  raise taxes. 

My sense is that both parties are screaming loudly over differences that are rather paltry in substance and nuance.  But this being an election year, they've got to magnify things, so they bark at each other. 

To be honest, I like it better when they're talking about serious things, like getting rid of terrorists. 

That's it for today.  Have a great week, and remember to start your Sundays right here on Fox News Sunday.