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We expected to be on the redeye last night back to the East Coast, but those plans changed late Monday afternoon. If you read this blog — or read anything about the cable news business — you know that planning is not our strong suit. We are forever changing our plans and yesterday was no exception. Thus, we are still in California.

Click here to check out the pictures posted on today's blog. Some of the pics were taken outside the Lynwood jail facility where Paris Hilton was first locked up and could likely be sent back to for the balance of her incarceration.

Tonight on the show, you will meet Paris Hilton's aunt, Kyle. She is very close to her niece and she will tell you things about Paris that I had not heard before. It is very easy to form an opinion about someone in the public eye that is skewed or just plain wrong because we often don't have all the information. It is hard to get to know anyone simply from news reports and even more difficult if that person is not interviewed and interviewed often. Paris and her family have not spoken out much since Paris was arrested in September for DUI (although they surely were free to do so and had ample opportunity.) Perhaps after you hear from Paris' aunt Kyle about Paris your opinion of Paris and her life may change… perhaps not. My job is not to change your opinion (whatever it may be), but to get you as much information as I can. I am merely seeking to provide you more information, another perspective so that you have more complete information in forming your own opinion.

As an aside, I walked away from talking to Paris' aunt thinking, yes, Paris has had a privileged life, but it sure isn't that perfect. I would not want it. She is constantly pursued by the paparazzi... media helicopters over her house... a bizarre way to live. Yes, of course Paris created all the attention she gets — whether it is now wanted or unwanted. The problem she may find is that if she does not want the attention, it will take a long time to shake it. It can be hard to get out of the public eye, but who knows? Maybe in good times she likes the bombardment of attention.

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Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta!
People are making countless comments about Paris and, while I try not to form an opinion since I don't have anything to do with her case, is it possible that she may be suffering through drug and/or alcohol withdrawal? Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal due to the symptoms (DT's)... it is possible to actually shake so badly and to have such severe symptoms that one may end up having a seizure. Depending on the type of seizure (convulsion), it could prove fatal. Anyway, the terrible shakes that a person goes through in withdrawal could cause many of her 'medical' problems that she is having so noticeably. In that case, she most certainly needs the care of a physician. However, they do have physicians in the jails, so she should be fine!
Thanks, Greta!

E-mail No. 2

It does not matter that it is Paris Hilton. I understand she is rich, spoiled and probably naive about some things and can be easily used. I am sure she does not read her own mail and relies on too many people around her. However she was convicted, sentenced, sent to jail, served time and released to more restrictive parole like Martha Stewart. She did not release herself, and was following what she was told. To Me this is legal system blunder and double jeopardy for the accused. Would not matter if she had killed someone driving drunk or not. As so many people want to point out she Now not in control of her life.
Wichita, KS

E-mail No. 3

Paris Hilton was not jailed for DUI, she was jailed for violation of her probation. By getting probation, she only got a slap on the wrist the first time. She failed to abide by the rules and should be punished accordingly. Just because she's rich does not put her above the law or does it?

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
With all the fuss about her medical condition (been spoiled senseless??) People seem to forget that she was caught TWICE while driving without a license. But keep it up, we in Europe can always laugh at the U.S. judicial system.
Kind Regards,
Amsterdam, Holland

ANSWER: You laugh at our system? Well, some Americans thoughts about YOUR system after watching the Natalee Holloway story unfold in Aruba.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
I'm no fan of Paris Hilton, however it seems to me if one judge saw fit to let Paris Hilton walk, and then another judge reversed the decision, then whoever let her walk should finish serving the jail sentence for her. If the judicial system has the authority to sentence her and then deem it appropriate to let her out early, then was justice not served at that point? Wasn't her debt to society paid? To come back and say that she must return to jail seems irresponsible. How can we say the system worked in this case?
Saginaw, MI

The next series of e-mails are about our interview with Larry Birkhead:

E-mail No. 6

I feel happy and sad for Larry. Raising a child is difficult enough without the mom NOT being there. Also the brother is not there either. He is a sweet guy...

E-mail No. 7

He seems like a genuine guy. I missed very beginning part of interview, has anyone ever considered the baby may have been born with addiction? I am sure Smith kept up her drug use. I wonder if the baby receive care regarding that?
Nice show
Colleen D.

E-mail No. 8

Great interview with Larry. He seems like a great young man and I think Dannielynn is in a caring and loving place. If Anna is watching she should be very proud and happy!

E-mail No. 9

Greta, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your wonderful interview with Larry, and of course, with Dannielynn. I have requested this when you asked your fans who we would really like to see you interview... NEVER thinking it would, or even could be so very, very special. I should have known, because you are the best. Larry is so humble, and authentic. I hope he remains this way. I think he will. I hadn't realized that Dannielynn had inherited her mommy's home and I think that is wonderful. I think Larry and Dannielynn are being blessed because life was so unfair to them in the beginning. I think by Larry conducting his life the way he has since he came into the spotlight regarding Anna and his pursuit of his daughter, has caused the universe to smile upon him, and Dannielynn. I think it is okay for Larry to receive all and any benefits coming his way and Dannielynn's way, because I truly believe he will protect her, and be a wonderful father. This is a very special young man... I know you have thought so in the past, and thanks to your interview tonight, we can see just how special he still is and what he has gone through.
Again, thank you... and someone completely the opposite... thanks for the interview with John Mark Kerr. What a very sick man!
Love you, Greta!
Alice Sparks
Eugene, OR

E-mail No. 10

In your interview with Larry Birkhead when conversing directly with him you emphatically stated her name as Anna Nicole. But in your edit comments you steadfastly stated her name as Ann Nicole! You are amazing! Why can't you state it ONE WAY! - the correct way everytime! Anna, Anna, Anna — repeat after me — Anna, Anna, Anna Nicole Smith.
John D. Laskowski
Carsonville, PA

E-mail No. 11

Interview with Larry Birkhead: Can you tell me what Birkhead had to say? It was senseless. People who avoid being truthful won't look you in the eye and continuously put their hands over their mouths in order to disguise their honesty. I feel a deal was made between the three to have Birkhead be the father, either by artificial means or just to supply his sperm. Then Smith and Stern wanted him out of the picture, but after realizing that there was money involved with the birth of the child, then Birkhead bucked. He wanted a piece of the pie also. Otherwise, I do not believe that he would have ever admitted that he was the father. The entire story that he tells sounds stupid and ridiculous. He was too certain that he was the father, knowing how much Smith slept around. The true victim here is the baby girl. What a story she's in for later on. I would bet that both Stern and Birkhead are gay and the only interest they had in Smith was her fame and fortune to be. Of course, now that Birkhead has the baby in his custody, he may develop a loving, caring relationship for his own child. The three of them were only interested in making easy money off of people without having to work for it. In other words, they were all leeches.
Joyce Owens
Cincinnati, OH

E-mail No. 12

I had the opportunity to observe Larry Birkhead in the Turf Club (where the celebrities are) at the Kentucky Derby. I saw him pose for dozens of photos with everyone who asked. My friend asked Larry if we could get our photo taken with him and my friend's camera wasn't working... Larry didn't leave until he made sure the camera was working right and we got our photo.
I was very impressed with him, he had such a calmness about him.
Caren Goodrich

E-mail No. 13

What a wonderful interview Greta!
My heart went out to Larry, It's very clear he loved Anna and is feeling the void left by her and her son. Hopefully things calm down and those that are causing stress in his life will stop (Did I mention Opri?) Larry has good morals and values. He is a great father and good role model for baby Dannielynn. What a doll she is!
Question: Why doesn't Larry have (birth thru 6mons) baby pics of Danni? And a copy of her birth certificate with her foot print? (If one was provided at birth)
He was at the Bahamas house, where are all those things if not there?

E-mail No. 14

Hi Greta,
Please tell Bill O'Reilly for me: We women viewers DON'T CARE if Bill thinks "Larry needs a comb" — WE LOVE LARRY!!! He is precious!! OMG, is he CUTE! So glad he has his little girl now, even tho his relationship with Anna seemed pretty wild and maybe kind of odd to most people. (It sure did to me) But what an awesome dad he seems to be. I think you may recall my email to you awhile ago, saying I thought Dannielynn was a dead ringer for her REAL dad (Larry)! I always knew he was the one!

E-mail No. 15

Dear Greta,
Enough about Paris Hilton for all the media. Leave her in jail and do not give any air time to her story. I wish all stations would do this for us. She is there, she deserves to put in time like anyone else. I know you agree with this one.
Cornelia Chinske
Havre, MT

E-mail No. 16

I can't believe you had the audacity to go into Anna's home, you have got some nerve! You have done nothing but degrade her memory for the last four months with your lies. What was Larry thinking inviting YOU there, is he that desperate for media coverage? As Bonnie Stern would say, "YOU MAKE ME SICK!"
Mandeville, LA

E-mail No. 17

Greta, in today's interview with LARRY, you were so relaxed and pleasant and kind. And yet, again, so mean and demeaning and diminishing when you described HOWARD K. STERN. LARRY described how devoted he was to ANNA NICOLE SMITH and in managing her career and you instantly diminished HKS, describing him as an incompetent, lonely, living alone in "the house" and supported by his parents. I try to understand the basis for your rhetoric of unreasoning hate. You never met the man! Could you be an unknowing racist that is vicious and ugly and destructive and unreasoning and stereotyping anti-Jew?
Ruth Gelman PhD
Bakersfield, CA

ANSWER: Ruth, I confess, I do have a difficult time understanding how a lawyer (and educated at a great law school like UCLA), in good health, can be unemployed and getting money from his retired parents (his testimony in court in Florida). I don't hate him, but do think it is a sad state of affairs. His parents are not rich and he has much opportunity to support himself… and at his age, gets money from them? I feel bad for his parents. Many people don't have the education and work opportunities that Larry has. He is living in a home that is not owned by him... and he is not paying rent. I suspect that he would feel much better if he would get moving in his life... get a job, and get a place to live that he pays for himself. I reserve my empathy to those born in poverty, with no family structure and no education.

E-mail No. 18

What a refreshing show tonight. I know that Larry will have a wonderful Father's Day this year. He seems like such a nice guy and totally thinking about the baby and how things will be for her as she grows up. I think he deserves the Father of the Year award!! It was an excellent interview but I wanted you to hold Dannielynn! She is adorable. Love your show!!!
Deltaville, VA

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