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We interviewed Larry Birkhead Thursday afternoon at the Los Angeles home that now belongs to his daughter, Dannilynn. The interview was taped and will air on Monday night. We showed a few seconds of our interview last night on our show, but plan to show it Monday.

I enjoyed doing the interview. I have interviewed Larry before but not since the DNA tests established his paternity. He is now trying to map out his and his daughter's future. It was fun to also meet Dannilynn. She is a very pretty little girl and very good natured. She was born in September and is now at the stage where she stands (sort of). On Monday you will get a close up of father and daughter — and not a bad time to get it with Father's Fay approaching. I suspect that single parents will particularly like this interview.

En route back to our L.A. bureau after the interview to do our Thursday show, we decided to detour past Paris Hilton 's house. When we awoke yesterday we heard that she had been released. We were curious as to how curious the media was about her return to her home. Yes, the media was very curious. There were cameras, reporters, satellite trucks and the police (who were annoyed at people blocking the street.) One of my colleagues jumped out of our car and snapped some pictures which are posted on today's blog.

• Click here to check out the photo essay

You can see the outside of Paris' Hollywood home and Paris' mother and father arriving to visit her. There are some great pics of Kathy Hilton. The pics give you a bit of an idea of the media crowd the parents had to slide through to get to their daughter's door.

At the time the pics were taken, all seemed to be going well for Paris... but that did not last long. By the end of the day, many had grown outraged at her change in confinement (from 23 days in jail to 40 days in her home.) By early evening last night, the city attorney filed a motion asking the judge to send her back to the jail. I have no clue what the judge will do, but do know that at 9 a.m. today (Friday), Paris is ordered back to court to find out.

We had tickets to take the redeye home last night… but alas, we did not take it. About 9 p.m. ET (right before we did our show and then planned to go to LAX), FOX asked us to stay to cover the 9 a.m. Paris hearing this morning. While I would love to be home (road trips can get to you after awhile), I am also content to stay and cover the hearing. I suppose it also makes sense to keep me here to cover it since I am a lawyer.

If you saw last night's segment on Catherine Herridge and her son Peter you saw that Catherine and I were dressed alike in the segment... no, that was not a plan, just a coincidence (but it did look funny on camera!) My husband complained after he saw the segment that we had not named the hospital (the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and that we did not provide a Web site where people can make donations. So here it is: www.upmc.com/Services/TransplantationServices/default.htm. Now people can make donations... and so can my husband, who complained!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Don't understand the logic of the whole Paris Hilton saga, however, the behavior of not only Paris, but her mother has convinced me the Hilton Corporation is not worth supporting. If they feel their family is not only above the law but above the public then let them stay in their own hotels, I will not do it again. Time to send the Hiltons a message. Thank you,
Cathy Samuel

E-mail No. 2

Greta, it makes my blood boil to hear that Paris Hilton is out of jail. That is the best place for her if she can't stay from behind the wheel when she has been drinking. If this had been the first time she was in trouble because of driving while intoxicated, I might be able to understand today's actions. If she had ran into a car that your mom, dad, spouse, brothers, sisters, etc., were in and killed them — I guess she would have to spend a little time in jail. I believe she should have been housed with the rest of the population there at the jail — 90 days (or more). Only time will tell — but I doubt that she has learned anything, except that her money will buy her out of trouble. You have been saying the punishment was too harsh for Paris — give me a break.

E-mail No. 3

Okay, Greta, I'm staying up to watch your show at 10. I want to know the latest on Paris may be going back to jail. I just heard this on "Hannity & Colmes." I hope the panel is on tonight. I love them.
Love your show.
Beverly Benson
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

E-mail No. 4

Thanks to Paris Hilton I now know what to do if I ever get in trouble. I have to hire a PR person to tell the world how fragile I am. Then, after incarceration I have to throw a major hissy fit. Then I get to go home. Thanks Paris.
Julianne Hall
Douglas City, CA

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
Just watched your first video blog. It's good to see and hear you talking off the cuff. I got a kick out of your colleague. Her chartreuse suitcase is actually a good idea — so easy to spot on a luggage carousel!
Was the interview with Dr. Baden added later?
I look forward to your future video blogs, which you also could call video Web casts or vidcasts for short.
Take care!

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta
I'm watching the heated debate about Paris Hilton right now.
First: I work at UCDavisMC. Every night I work we have inmates from the asundry of jails and prisons around here for EVERYTHING. Any 'boo boo' or pain. Rx's CAN and do get administered in jail.
Second: If Paris has mental problems and is on Rx, she could never be drinking the way she does. The medications and alcohol are never to be mixed.
Third: It is appearing she has an MO of getting mentally ill to divert legal issues.
She is rich, blond and pretty... SHE tells the world how to revolve, not the other way around. Anyone with an ounce of sense could see this coming from the get go. I expected it, and figure it was all preplanned.
Christie Radford

E-mail No. 7

Fire that sheriff… would have never happened to anyone else. Maybe the sheriff will have free rooms at Hiltons around the world from now on.

E-mail No. 8

Greta: Welcome to Sheriff Baca's Notorious Let The Celebrities Out Of Jail Free Card. The Sheriff has been letting Celebrities out of Jail Early cause he is Star Struck. Paris Hilton should be sent back to Jail with the Original time that was given her. Watch the
Local media's Interviews with the Women Inmates that were released and hear there stories of how they spent more time in Jail for Less than what Paris Hilton did. If Paris Hilton has Mental Problems then her License should be Taken Away before she Kills somebody.
Ron Agalsoff
El Monte, CA

E-mail No. 9

Hi Greta,
Has this sheriff ever taken other prisoners with medical problems and put them under house arrest or is Paris the first? Can a sheriff change the sentence from jail to house arrest without going to the judge who imposed sentence? If she has medical or mental problem why not put her in hospital for treatment and complete her sentence later?

E-mail No. 10

They can make all the excuses they want, but tough! Send her back to finish her time. This is a real bad message to send others.
Bradenton, FL

E-mail No. 11

Medication dosages are based on the person's weight. There is no way that Paris should require a dosage that needs outside monitoring. I personally don't believe that she could tolerate a very high dose. Wouldn't make good medical sense.
Love your show. I am here every night!!
Thank you
Julie Ann Clark, RN

E-mail No. 12

Just seen your interview with Catherine. Peter is so adorable... and healthy looking now. It's a good change to hear happy news for a change.
Grand Rapids, MI

E-mail No. 13

Dear Catherine and Greta,
Very, Very Happy For Peter's recovery... And Thank You Greta for the Follow-up. Please Forgive Me, But I would Also Like to Know if Louis the Cat of Connecticut made it — Like Paris, He was Confined to Home Prison.

ANSWER: I confess, like you, I love Lewis the cat. I will try and get an update.

E-mail No. 14

Dear Greta:
Okay, I know you'll say that everyone grieves differently, and fortunately, I have not lost a loved one to murder, so....
That being said, I think that was a most unusual interview you had with the family of Kelsey Smith and her boyfriend. They seemed way too jokey and cheerful under the circumstances. I've never seen anything like it, but you probably have in your years of professional experience.
I'm just a wee bit dumbfounded. Too weird for me, and I live in the L.A. area. Proves I haven't seen it all.
Julia Smith Grossman
Santa Monica, CA
P.S. Catherine Herridge must be one of the most grateful people on the planet.

E-mail No. 15

Dear Greta,
While your show has always been full of sensationalism, and not consistent with the political, newsworthy nature of FOX News, I have to say that, tonight, I have had my fill.
I don't know which is more stomach turning: watching you stalk Kelsey's family the day after the discovery of her body; or the fact the family agreed to be on television, smiling, jovial and using a derogatory word to describe part of her personality (the "B" word)... all at a time that, for most, would be their darkest moments.
I'd like to chalk their behavior up to a family for which the gravity of the truth has not yet sunk in... but for you to choose to exploit them while they're in this state of mind is beyond my comprehension.
I'm disgusted at your vulture-like behavior. I'll be tuning in elsewhere during your show from now on.
Good riddance,
Holly Tubbiolo
Tucson, AZ

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