Children love riding in battery-powered toy cars, but after two recently burst into flames in Canton, Mich., local police issued a warning to parents about the possible dangers of the popular toys.

This past May in Canton, young Nicklaus Blanes’ Indy Style play car burst into flames in his family’s garage, while the toy’s battery was charging, MyFOXDetroit reported. His parents bought the toy online.

"It was very dangerous. God forbid that it had happened with my son on the car. Or if we were asleep in the middle of the night," Paloma Blanes told MyFOXDetroit.

This past weekend, another toy car did the same in a separate incident in town.

Warning parents of the safety hazards, Canton’s Fire Inspector John Olton warned parents of the safety hazard.

“Make sure that if they [parents] have these cars that if they are charging them, they're aware of the issues that could happen," Olton told MyFOXDetroit. "That if they have one that they don't know the history of, that they do get the history on it because if the cars were made before 1998, there could be some problems with it."

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